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  1. Nick Saban: “which young coach wants to come look like a genius next?”
  2. LSU has lost JoJo (2021) and now their top 100 2022 player... both Aledo kids. Earle chose Bama, the RB left OU for Bama. I expect this other kid I think his name is Davis Jr. to pick Bama also... Saban needs to drop by my house next time he is in town so I can give him a nice swift kick in the balls for every school closer to Aledo than freaking Alabama.
  3. The question was legit since we are almost to that number lol
  4. You may not be registered with a political party, but you are at least 75% liberal. Trust me, my analytical data never lies
  5. I remember him doing most of your false unproven accusations when he was a registered Democrat.
  6. Mitch McConnell's complete 180 is what disgusts me about politicians. Him and Nancy Pelosi are the same type of person. Mitch felt the pressure to lube up and bend over, so he willingly bought the best lube he could find.
  7. I'll get the vaccination when it falls in-line with my medical routine. I am not afraid of it etc. I get the flu shot every year... However, I am not going to act like its going to save my life and push my way to the front of the line.
  8. At the grassroots level, a lot of these politicians are not corrupted. They start invigorated by their platform, get in office, then meet Pelosi, Mitch, McCain, etc and get bullied into signing off on a bill that they don't have enough time to read or corrupted into "long-term investments" with alliances to please their constituency with pork-filled bills. There are so many hidden items in our legislative bills that we literally have no clue what our government spends money on.
  9. If I remember correctly, Uvalde has been ranked several times over the past decade.
  10. Climate change is fake. You are telling me a 12 year old discovered that crap and we should all believe it?
  11. doesn't mean we can't criticize it. I wouldn't want some psychopath working for me. It's weird, gross, and unnatural.
  12. Look at the picture above from CNN... then look at the one below...
  13. Dr. Brackish Okun from Area 51 will do a great job...
  14. I think when Hugh said he was going to stay at Liberty he gave them a reason to quit looking at him... I think he wants to win (or knows he will win) again next year before making that jump again.
  15. Here is the correct way to answer the "Eyes of Texas" question: "If my players want to proudly sing it they can do so, the rest of my team will respect that decision and stand with them in a way the university deems appropriate."
  16. They should have hired the chopping wood guy. Those protests usually die down after a few weeks, then you are in business. (Talking about Schiano). I just did some research to defend Pruitt has HC of Tennessee and it quickly changed my mind. 4 years prior to him being hired has HFC of the Vols the recruiting rankings were 17 (2017), 14 (2016), 4 (2015), 7 (2014). So he inherited some talent right? The 4 years he has been there they have finished 21 (2018), 13 (2019), 10 (2020), and are currently 15th (2021). So he has built on that talent and hasn't really won with it. Throw the cher
  17. They aren't even giving their hires a chance...
  18. Every time I see a picture of that guy I literally laugh out loud. He needs his own TV show, preferably a comedy.
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