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  1. Excuse me but PG runs the super special Slot T. No one else has ever run the super special Slot T in the history of football and rumor has it they have installed a super duper special Slot T, for this game only.
  2. Center has a very good team. I think they have an excellent chance at getting to SA. This game wasn’t a fluke. Silsbee probably rolled into town expecting a 20 pt win and got hit in the mouth. They will get it together though and be a force come playoff time. But gosh, after reading this site, it appears our “weak district” may not win state again in football AND basketball this year...
  3. What a shocker?!?! Another great coach you don’t recognize. I will be back Friday for my annual I told you so appearance. I would wait until Sunday if I were you too. Gives you two solid days to wipe away little Johnny’s tears after those mean Mustangs kick his little behind...
  4. Dude, you showed your knowledge (or actually lack there of) when you proudly (albeit cluelessly) proclaimed PG’s biggest advantage was coaching. After that, I knew you were bringing checkers to a chess match. Instead of posting nonsense on a message board, you should be using this time to figure out what words of comfort to use on the kid after his little heart is broken on Friday
  5. Absolutely lol. Probably had a stellar undefeated season as pop warner coaches. Of course at WOS, they are running the Mustang system even at that level. So they aren’t even smart enough to connect those dots
  6. I will take all you can beg, borrow or steal on PG UNDER 38. And I don’t bet anymore. But that’s free money and I can afford all you can put together.
  7. Maybe, but your 2018s were easily the best in the area - by a mile. That class will be missed in all sports.
  8. I have said for years that if Cornel coached at Memorial, there is no telling how many rings he would have. The Titans actually have the talent most think the Mustangs have. Don’t get me wrong, the Mustangs have very good kids who are talented. But PAM is ridiculous. College talent all over the field. With the talent on defense they had this year, very few 5A teams would have been able to get the ball near the end zone. And that’s the gospel.
  9. Those people are idiots. They wouldn’t know a football from a footstool if they are unhappy with their head coach.
  10. I think that’s a pretty fair assessment all the way through. And that’s even on your experience opinion - I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Most of the Mustangs have been there but the math is pretty easy to figure out when you lose that many starters, WOS will be starting mostly new faces at Jerryworld this year.
  11. I’m sure. But he is the key and has been for years and years imo. Even Dan Ray would tell you that Coach T is as responsible as anyone for all the success he enjoyed there before retirement. Will be interesting to see what happens when Cornel does retire. I have a feeling it’s going to be a rude awakening for some Mustang fans.
  12. I personally was shocked. The job Cornel has done this year is nothing short of ridiculous. That is why I said PGdad’s post about their biggest advantage is coaching and game planning was hilarious.
  13. Yep: 2014 - 13-3 2015 - 15-1 2016 - 16-0 (44-4)
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