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  1. I love Alabama O! I get it they have the best but I love how they feed their best!
  2. It’s crazy how Texas doesn’t have a identity!!! I don’t understand if they are a psd team or a run team? It changes week to week.
  3. He broke the two toes before last week and then twisted his ankle Friday! The foot is black and blue. But he will play!!!
  4. If you read the Donors emails they are all backing out until Tom Herman is fired!!!
  5. Grapeland without 3 starters now and QB BJ lamb is out.
  6. Talk about getting hit on the chin!!! 10:00 to go in 2 QT 35-0 Normangee.
  7. Brown has flexed after every tackle that he has made after giving up the first down. That’s three this game. Bench him coach!
  8. 98 would be gone also!!!! That was a good talk last Sunday!!!
  9. If Tom wanted to set an example he would send Ingram to the bench right now! Set a tone for how he will coach the rest of the time!!!! Next man up!!!! No more touches for Ingram....
  10. I’m watching it and I’m guessing the Grapeland Qb just stands there every play no miss leading the other team that he’s the runner. Looks like he could pull it and walk down the field on every play. But really doesn’t move after handing it off. Am I the only one seeing that?
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