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  1. I believe Centerville has a move in at QB and they are actually letting him throw the ball a lil. Grapeland played without a few starters last night. I have watched Westwood and buffalo. So Centerville must have something.
  2. Westwood DB did really good knocking the ball down tonight. #10 the back rub did work tonight for Westwood. Big boy.
  3. Yes sir and Not bad for his first varsity game!!! He sticking people on defense also!
  4. If Westwood best player don’t go down. This game might not be close.
  5. Westwood jumps on them quick! 6-0 3 and out by Carlisle. Westwood driving inside the 15.
  6. Grapeland in the scrimmage vs Cushing was 2-0 and live Qt they couldn’t play with them and same with Frankston.
  7. http://www.hudl.com/v/2BedNj https://247sports.com/player/bj-lamb-46052759/
  8. I think Grapeland had like 46 come out was expecting about 55.
  9. How did Grapeland do can Frankston.
  10. Yes without a doubt! Love playing Alto and Groveton. Huge win for Grapeland getting y’all the first district game and only five games under a young team belt. I would of hated to play y’all the last district game with a lil Experience under yalls belt.
  11. Grapeland Has their whole offensive line back and will only lose one after this year. I believe Grapeland Should focus all their attention on that o- line and d-line. From the Incoming freshmen to the seniors they have so many bodies on the O-line and d-line. More than they have had in years past. Size doesn’t matter sometimes but I know they have 3 to 4 starters reaching 300 or over. I really hope they get to play and I hope that Jr high gets to work with the coaches and learn the system. That group will be special and I mean special. Most kids don’t play football until jr
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