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  1. I believe this guy was at Cayuga and it didn’t go very well! The Dad was and kids.
  2. Hopefully next year Grapeland will get over this hump! I could see Grapeland being in the regional finals for the next 6 years easy. 7th and 8th graders will just reload them. 7th graders have some tall ballers. Couple kids 6’2 will probably be pretty tall by high school.
  3. Is that the Tenaha sup they kicked out?
  4. Yeah I just seen the video of the Tenaha guy get right into Grapeland Superintendent face multiple times.
  5. Grapeland misses a lot of threes!! Keep driving!
  6. This teams down fall is they shoot themselves in to close games! They will shoot the three ball after one pass over and over again letting the weaker opponent stay in the game. Basically playing street ball and just playing around with the weaker teams.. But when they play good teams they have taken care of business.
  7. This team is better then the last three teams that made it to the regional finals and the last time we went to state!!! Now this team would not be able to play with the team that went to state in 2014.
  8. Crockett and Cold springs played two really tight games with Crockett winning by 1 and 4 on the other game.
  9. Going to be a good regional tournament! I’ll say this is the best Grapeland team since 2014 squad.
  10. 7ft 5* gets hardly any playing time but shows flashes of being pretty good. But we would rather start guys that can’t hit the Broadside of a barn and let a guy that shoots knuckleball play. Lol
  11. What does this have to do with my post? Someone said y’all have kids 6’10, 6’6, 6’6
  12. Crockett tallest player is only 6’7 and he’s huge! He plays tight end in football going to play college football. Unless they have had some move in’s since Grapeland played them..
  13. I’m really impressed with Grapeland only having 3 days of practice with a brand new coach... Plus Grapeland can lose two guys and still be strong. Grapeland had multiple players put up big numbers in different games not just one or two.
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