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  1. Valhalla

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Did TCU ever find a transfer QB?
  2. Last 18 AFC QBs to start the Super Bowl: Brady (9x) Manning (4x) Roethlisberger (3x) Flacco, Gannon (1x) Yes, since 2001, Brady has been the AFC QB in the Super Bowl as often as he has NOT been the AFC QB in the Super Bowl.
  3. Go Pats. LA doesn’t deserve a super bowl victory.
  4. If the Chiefs had won the toss and scored then I think a lot of you could care less about changing the overtime rules.
  5. Valhalla

    Union Grove

    He was always the guy. They might as well have named him the AD the day that Adams announced he was resigning to retire.
  6. Valhalla

    Union Grove

    No surprise there. I would have been shocked if the job was given to anybody else.
  7. Valhalla


    Didn’t Beckville start soccer this year?
  8. Valhalla

    Conference Realignment?

    What happened to the Big East is killing them. It's hard to survive as a basketball power in the American Conference.
  9. Valhalla

    West Rusk Opening

    Next year? They are losing like 28 seniors. They will probably take a step back in football next season.
  10. Valhalla

    Player Transfers/Going Pro

    Baker wasn't a scholarship player and sat out a season at Oklahoma.
  11. Valhalla

    Running Up The Score

    I heard of a new level of this lately. A team from this area who was up by 40+ was still pressing in the 4th quarter when the opposing team was down to 4 players. That is running up the score.
  12. Valhalla

    Player Transfers/Going Pro

    Probably don't want the QB who has been in Riley's offense from day 1 to go to a team they have to play. Kendall can still transfer there, but they are forcing him to sit out a year instead of being eligible immediately.