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  1. Who said they couldn't complete with New Diana, Ore City, and Queen City?
  2. I have seen Waskom. I’m guessing you have not which why you think the game will be close. Turnovers by Waskom would be the only thing that keeps Harleton close to them.
  3. Tom Herman: "I think the general pulse of the team is that we're in as good a place as we've ever been right now as a team."
  4. I can’t believe Mark Stoops has not be hired away from Kentucky yet. I don’t know if would work at Texas, but some big program will give him a shot some day.
  5. I was opposed to it before I made a trip to watch all of the games in the same place. It just makes the games bigger.
  6. Bad QB play is pretty unwatchable. It’s amazing how great defense goes away when QB’s are capable.
  7. That was caused more by Georgia’s receivers than any Alabama defender.
  8. The idea of the SEC defense is dead. It’s ironic that Saban is the man who killed it though.
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