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  1. COVID is keeping the Louisiana boys from crossing the state line so eagerly lol.
  2. Most of the O-line should be back. They lost skill players to graduation.
  3. I think numbers are down across the board for most part. Some kids have done nothing since March and want to keep that lifestyle.
  4. I’ll be the first guy to criticize SEC conference scheduling on here, but you are reaching with this.
  5. Plus LSU gets the pleasure of playing Florida every year anyways.
  6. They kind of shut themselves down metaphorically when they hired the guy who was .500 at BC right after he was fired.
  7. Florida has been severely overrated the past few years IMO. Unfortunately for A&M they actually look they are going to be pretty good this year.
  8. Who knows, but they can’t meet the expectations that they have hyped up for year three of Jimbo without beating those teams.
  9. Have to go 3-1 in the Florida, Alabama, Auburn, and LSU games for me to say it was a season that met expectations.
  10. When was the last time Gladewater beat Gilmer? 2001?
  11. I’m going to pick Gilmer until Gladewater wins again.
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