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  1. Just thought this was the best to say that I am taking a smoaky sabbatical for the foreseeable future. I just have a limited amount of time and I’m using too much on nonsense like this lol.
  2. This is sarcasm for all who can’t tell.
  3. I’m just teasing you. I have much respect for White Oak as a school and program. I think highly of all their coaches and the community.
  4. I know they aren’t good. That’s why they are on White Oak’s pre-district schedule lol.
  5. No, if Casey Thompson is gives him the best chance to win then he should be guy. That’s what I’m saying.
  6. Let’s see what White Oak’s score against Diana is next week or so. New Boston thrashed them.
  7. If that’s the way Sark is making decisions then he won’t make it anyways. He needs to win games today first.
  8. Are you guys improved or was Diana just that bad?
  9. Hey you joke but the “Boomer Sooner” pc police have been out in Norman here recently.
  10. I will root for his individual success lol.
  11. Pewitt lost that special group of O-linemen to graduation. It will be interesting to see what they look like this year.
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