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  1. Texas has only won the Big 12 during Oklahoma rebuilding years this century.
  2. Just like I would not expect a Longhorn to acknowledge the officiating every October either. You are so triggered by being on the short end of the officiating stick one time. Imagine how the rest of the conference feels.
  3. Lord knows Texas has never benefited from inconsistent officiating in a Big 12 game before. You can “what if” or hedge all day long but facts are facts. You had a four loss season, and were excited about it.
  4. 7 point win over Tulsa 5 point win over K-State 6 point win over Baylor Could have been 6-6 again pretty easily too.
  5. You could easily say Texas should have lost to Oklahoma twice. And if that is the case then you should be thankful. You could not have had the greatest four loss season ever without beating sleepwalking Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Literally LOL at the idea of the Big 12 screwing over Texas. They reinterpreted the taunting rule because it hurt your HC’s feelings to see the Horns down. The Big 12 exists to service Texas which makes your lack of Big 12 titles even more hilarious.
  6. That’s true, but the point is to utilize the athletes you have so your offense should be designed to get them the ball in places for them to be successful.
  7. Or Big Sandy is just bad this year.
  8. The O-line had to deal with less people in the box.
  9. I would think that if you can consistently get the ball into the hands of your best athletes then it is a successful offense.
  10. I am a spread guy, but I want to spread it out to run the ball. You can still have an effective ball control offense in spread formations. You dont have to encourage all eleven defenders to be in the box.
  11. Maybe, but it’s not like the drive from Longview to Norman is that much more than Longview to College Station. 3.5 hours vs 5 hours If the interest was there then that wouldn’t have been the issue.
  12. I don't know if Riley was really that interested, or maybe their was just no interest from the kid.
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