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  1. I was trying to be nice to the baseball parents lol.
  2. From my experience it is typically because they have had a lot of turnover at that spot so they give it to a guy that has been in the District longer and less likely to leave.
  3. I assumed you were talking about a school that starts with a C and a H. I was referring to a smaller H that drains baseball/softball as well.
  4. We need some schools to become 4A-D2. 5 team districts are stupid when you take four to the postseason.
  5. Longview is safe as long as they stay below Highland Park lol.
  6. They are probably a few more "draining" school than that.
  7. One cannot lose what they do not possess.
  8. I bet they accomplish winning a State Championship. The same thing they did this past season.
  9. You guys say that, but It’s not like Kilgore comes open that often either.
  10. The fact that job is only going to be posted for like a week on the job board screams that it is going to be an inside hire.
  11. Pitt had 704 as their enrollment the last realignment. Daingerfield was 289. That's too big of a gap.
  12. That’s true, but also part of life is performing when it matters.
  13. Isn't that kind of the point of a test to begin with lol?
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