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  1. Valhalla

    🏀 2018-19 NCAA Basketball

    There are two things I just will never understand about college basketball. 1. 2 halves instead of 4 quarters. 2. Conference Tournaments.
  2. Could have thrown “Oklahoma wins the National Championship” in there too lol.
  3. Valhalla

    Razorbacks 2019 Thread

    He could have a chance to go to Norman lol
  4. Valhalla

    Sooners 2019 Thread

    Oklahoma picks up grad transfer OL RJ Proctor from Virginia.
  5. Valhalla

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    “The move also comes after Young had a second drunken-driving arrest within three years on Feb. 4” That’s what got him.
  6. Valhalla

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    He was at Oklahoma’s junior day this past month and it going back to Norman for the Spring Game.
  7. Valhalla

    Sooners 2019 Thread

    A.D. Miller is in the process of returning to the #Sooners. Lincoln Riley says he “wants to finish what he started here.”
  8. Valhalla

    Sooners 2019 Thread

  9. Valhalla

    Sooners 2019 Thread

    http://www.rileyfootballcamp.com/fantasy-football-camp.cfm Anybody got $2500 laying around that they lend me lol.
  10. Valhalla

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    I attempted to contact the TFB, but no reply. That picture was floating around on the Oklahoma 247 site without the "TFB" attached to it, but nobody could say where the number are from. It certainly does not match up with the link you provided, so without knowing where the data is coming from it can't be taken seriously at this point.
  11. Valhalla

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    The point of the picture was under that part.
  12. Valhalla

    Longhorns 2019 Thread

    It’s a tradition basically at this point. No need to uproar about something that is expected.
  13. Valhalla

    2018-19 College Coaching Changes

    Simmons and Gundy seem to be good enough.
  14. Valhalla


    I always that the guy who was there did a good job getting the most of what he had.