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  1. Actually offenses like the Slot T can help weak lines.
  2. You must be new to college basketball lol.
  3. A lot of guys will change them right before a kid commits.
  4. I like the feature, but I don’t think they should be allowed to change them. Once you put the crystal ball in then it should stay there.
  5. Hurts is just a more Athletic Blake Bell to me. He cannot throw the ball downfield consistently. He doesn’t go through his progressions past option #1 that well. He escapes from the pocket too quickly and too often. Major ball security issues when he runs.
  6. These Texarkana kids just want to stay closer to home.
  7. I think Bradford is the best QB to have played at Oklahoma, but I couldn’t justify paying $5 for him when Baker was sitting there for $2.
  8. The $$$ values are definitely strange.
  9. QB - Baker $2 RB - Barkley $2 WR - Justin Blackmon $3 WR - Michael Crabtree $5
  10. Maryland’s HC was the OC when he was recruited to Alabama.
  11. Fields Lawrence Possible Dark horse could be USC’s QB.
  12. Commitment #1 of the day for Oklahoma.
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