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  1. Morris was fired because he was getting embarrassed by teams like North Texas and Western Kentucky. Arkansas has more talent than those schools.
  2. Brooks by himself should have at least 15 touches a game.
  3. The schedule for the future doesn’t change the last decade. The SEC West is super too heavy this year and Alabama OOC schedule sucked. They will only have potentially one top 25 win at the end of the season. The only thing that will potentially put them in the top 4 this year is the their name. Slap that resume on any other team and it would not even be considered.
  4. Alabama hasn’t played a road OOC game since 2011.
  5. Especially if one of the four ends up being Alabama.
  6. Hurts is not Mayfield or Murray. Take away the first option and he will escape from the pocket and his eyes will drop.
  7. Clearly a TD. ISU gets a free time out before the 2 point conversion.
  8. It is embarrassing how bad Oklahoma is at the safety positions.
  9. I’m going to bet that this 46-41 shootout isn’t going to be an issue for the committee’s “eye test”.
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