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  1. Gilmer couch retiring!! Wonder who is next for them, PT Coach maybe??
  2. Jax at Nac moved to 4pm girls and 530 guys no sub varsity at all.
  3. The Lufkin game last week was the first time all year the Nac. team has played together for an entire game due to injuries. I did not see last nights game so I am not saying that is the reason they lost this one. I am saying it is too early to judge whether this team is as good as last year. I have seen every home game, and NANA has played limited minutes, since spraining his ankle against Hudson. They are incorporating a freshman and 2 sophomores into their rotation.
  4. To an extent I agree but there is going to be a dividing line somewhere. Greenville, SS, MP, TH-Longview, PT, Marshall and Hallsville- Nac, Jax, WH, LP and JT- are all geographically tied to each other. JT is kind of the middle to the 2 groups. 15 Miles to WH-43 Miles to Longview but 30 Miles to Jax. Wh to LP=78 Miles, to Nac=64 Miles, to Jax=21 Miles to JT=15 Miles Nac to LP=24 Miles, to Jax =49 miles, to WH=64 miles, to JT=78 miles Jax to WH=21 Miles, to JT=30 Miles, to Nac=49 Miles, to LP=57 Miles Hallsville to Marshall=18 Miles, to Longview=11 Miles, to PT=13 Miles Marshall to Hallsville=18 Miles, to Longview = 29 Miles, to PT=31 Miles Longview to Hallsville=11 Miles, to Marshall =29 Miles to PT=9 Miles PT to Hallsville=13 Miles, to Marshall=31 Miles, to Longview=9 Miles. it will be fun to see how it shakes out next month.
  5. The secondary sports Royce City could slide with Forney, Mesquite Poteet and Crandall those communities are as close as them going the other way. Pulling Royce City out of east texas could still allow for 2 ET Districts. It is juts a question of what how they split it You have 3-4 team clusters to split-Question is how do you split?? TH, MP, SS, Greenville typically don't get broken up. Nac, Lufkin,WH, Jax don't get broken up and Marshall, PT and Hallsville are always clustered together. With Longview coming in do they cluster Longview and PT together in one of the districts? That would leave Marshall and Hallsville together in the other. I think JT goes south with WH-So it could look like this. North 1.TX H. 2.MT P 3.Greenville 4.SS 5.Marshall 6.Hallsville South 1.Nac 2.Lufkin 3.Jax 4.WH 5.JT 6.Longview 7.PT Royce City could actually still fit in that Northern group.
  6. Nac. pretty much dominated from start to finish!! LP made a run to start the second half to cut it deficit to 7, Nac went on a 12-2 run to push it back to 17. It didn't get much closer after that. Unexpected outcome for sure!! Nac looks better than they were last year!! Good start to district.
  7. District Play starts tonight for the boys. Girls Schedule LP @ Nac- both are 2-0 going into this game-LPs record is expected-Nac's a bit of a surprise. Jax @ Marshall-Jax was the 2nd place team last year. PT @ JT WH @ Hallsville Boys Schedule LP @ Nac-These teams played 3 time LY with the visitor winning all 3 games-Both teams return most of last years team-Co District Champs LY. Jax @ Marshall PT @ JT WH @ Hallsville
  8. i am just as interested in what it does to the secondary sports in East Texas. Volleyball, basketball and softball will be interesting split North and South. Adding Royce City and maybe Longview to the Northern 5A. Then Lufkin and JT to the South 5a. I also have a vested interest into swimming, a change in regions would be big for all of the East Texas 5a schools, we currently swim in the college st regional an it is the fastest in the state by a wide margin. A realignment into the Dallas regional would be big for our local swimmers. Texas High-Dallas Regional Marshall-Dallas Regional Mt Pleasant-Dallas Regional Longview-Dallas Regional Pine Tree-Dallas Regional Hallsville-Dallas Regional John Tyler-Dallas Nac-College St Lufkin-College St Whitehouse-College St Also have new Diana, Mt P Chapel Hill-also go to dallas region from northern distirct. Henderson goes south with Nac to College St. I posted this same thought in the basketball thread as well.
  9. Yeah it should be interesting adding Longview to 5a, will bring MP, SS,TH, Greenville into the East Texas conversation. I think the realignment will be just as interesting for the non-football sports. Volleyball, basketball, softball will change the district dynamic. Could possible change an entire region for swimming for LP, WH and Nac, these 3 go to College St for regionals and it is the fastest region in the state. TH, MP, PT go to dallas regional, for swimming.
  10. Lufkin 12-4 0.750 918 800 1 L Nacogdoches 14-7 0.667 1,265 891 1 L Marshall 10-7 0.588 1,015 957 2 L Hallsville 12-9 0.571 1,200 1,176 2 L Pine Tree 10-10 0.500 898 1,007 1 L Whitehouse 5-8 0.385 617 621 6 L Jacksonville 3-5 0.375 410 450 1 L John Tyler 2-6 0.250 445 535 3 L This is district 16-5a- Lufkin and Nac are the early favorites, with district play starting Friday. Lufkin travels to Nac to start district on Friday night. These two teams were co-champions last year, each winning on the others home floor. I think Pine Tree and Hallsville will fight it out for 3rd and 4th. Marshall seems to be much improved from last year, and JT is struggling to start the season.
  11. 1.Cleveland 2.Huntington 3.Terrell I am kidding!! We do need some teams on the schedule we have a chance to beat. I want to see the Lufkin series end and I am tired of playing Kilgore. Maybe play Greenville or Sulphur Springs or Forney just to change things up a bit!!
  12. Nacogdoches 11-4 0.733 913 594 1 L Lufkin 8-3 0.727 646 559 2 W Hallsville 9-6 0.600 826 850 1 W Whitehouse 5-5 0.500 494 465 3 L Marshall 4-5 0.444 525 545 3 L Pine Tree 5-7 0.417 579 674 1 L Jacksonville 2-4 0.333 299 359 2 W John Tyler 2-5 0.286 386 462 2 L Basketball season is a few weeks old and we are still a few weeks away from district play. Nac is off to good start, they are led By SFA Committ Nana, they also have a 6ft 7 Freshman to add to a team returning 4 of their 5 starters from District Co-Champion team from last year.
  13. Since when has the UIL made sense? HP has so much pull, that I will believe it when i see it as far as them being put in a district that involves them traveling to ET. Not saying they wouldn't make the playoffs, but that "projected" district is head and shoulders better than any district they have been in, in a long time!! So the "chance" of them not making the playoffs is higher in that district.
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