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  1. Does anyone know when they typically put tickets on sale for the week of State??
  2. Nac travels to Whitehouse this week to start District play after close loses to Kilgore and Lufkin and an uninspired tail kicking by Tyler. Nac is 6-13 Life time against Whitehouse and has lost 5 straight to the Wildcats. Nac had 4th Qtr leads in all 5 of those games. Nacs. last win vs Whitehouse was in 2015. This is a must win for Nac if they want any chance at a playoff spot, they host PT next week and an 0-2 start in district would be hard to overcome with Marshall and TX High to end the district schedule.
  3. Not saying that at all, looks like someone went and messed with the qtr by qtr score, but the game play by play is correct. I go to Max preps often for info.
  4. PT has scored 96 points and given up 58.....Max Preps has the game listed as PT 80 LE 78 in OT that game was 25-0 PT.
  5. Rumor out of Pine Tree, unconfirmed of course, but I heard from a source in PT. They had a QB battle going between 2 Sophomores. The one who has been starting and the back up who only played a handful of snaps each game. Many believe the backup was better than the starter, the back up withdrew from PT and is going to enroll at Kilgore.
  6. I havent seen WH posters on here since McFarland left.
  7. Our JV team is pretty talented, very good dual threat QB
  8. Same here!!!! I don't like the thought of going south losing the district series with Marshall-55 Games by my count first game in 1917. Jacksonville 82 Games in the series started in 1913-Could possible be a non-district game. PT-33 games-Started in 1964 and one of the few programs we have a winning record against. WH, MP and Hallsville not a lot of history because Nac was 5a and those schools were 4a and lower for so long. Replacing with Huntsville, Bryan, Rudder, A&M Consolidated We have played those schools a combine 44 times with 26 of them
  9. I am very concerned that if Jax drops, our lifeline to East Texas goes away and we will head south. I have also seen the same projections that has TX High, MP and Greenville moving over to the I20 district.
  10. They aren't very big or strong but they are free and a family of 4 can eat dinner for under $40 and be full!!
  11. Looking for Burger/BBQ/Baked Potato-Butcher Boys Mexican Food-El Ranchero-2 Free Margaritas with meal-Good Price very Fast service. Italian Food-Napolis is laid back heavy old fashion Italian. then there are a lot of fast food.
  12. I am hearing some things out of Pin Tree, this is hear say so take it as you will. Apparently the QB they are starting is not as good as the backup. There is some noise coming out of PT that they don't understand why the backup isn't playing more. The back up has lead scoring drives more than the starter has. Both are sophomores, and I am sure they are using the non-district schedule as pre-season to find their best rotation for playing time. There has also been a few players leave the football program over the controversy. Again this is just hear say from folks I know that have a little insig
  13. Nac hosts Tyler High this week, the team we have the worst record against vs any team in Nac History!! Nac is 5-43-4 lifetime. We tied in 1992 with arguably the best team in Nac history, tied again in 2001 and our last win was in 1989. We have had a few close games over the last 10 years but just couldn't get a win.
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