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  1. If Nac could fin a way to win, what a mess the district standings will be!! Especially if MT P finds a way to beat Whitehouse, it will pretty much reset the race for the playoffs.
  2. WH has a decent running game, so stop the run and make them throw. WH QB missed open receivers and threw 4 picks vs Nac. Speed on the outside killed the WH defense. Be ready for pop up pooch kicks.
  3. Nacs inability to capitalize on those turnovers was the difference in the game. 3 big returns of interceptions that set the Dragons up deep in WH territory only to have motion penalties keep them from scoring.
  4. Nac Travels to Pine Tree this week after a mistake filled loss to Whitehouse. Pine tree coming off of a big win at Marshall. Nac will put themselves in a huge hole with a loss and start this year off like they have the last few years. Being 2 games back of 2 teams that figure to be in the top 4. Nac still has Marshal, Texas High and Mt Pleasant left after this one. Lots to clean up for the Dragons, so many penalties(especially pre-snap), very little running game. Defense has looked good, just spent too much time on the field in the 4th Qtr against WH. Nac had 5 turnovers, 17
  5. 5 turnovers, 15 penalties-10 false starts, gave up safety on a snap over Qb head, gave up an onside kick and had a fg blocked. Got inside WH 5 3-times scored 3 points because of penalties. Same offensive lineman had 7 false starts alone!! defense played well on the field the entire second half. horrible having 2 weeks to prepare and played like that.
  6. 14-10 Whitehouse at the half. both teams have turned it over twice. Nac defense held whitehouse to two fgs one of them after a safety. Nac fumbled through opening kickoff whitehouse scores two plays later. Nac lots of motion penalties! If Nac can hold on to the flipping ball!!
  7. What does who I root for have anything to do with it?? Its where I live not where I am from. I root for the school where I live just like I did when I lived in Mesquite, Carthage and El Campo. Those programs have been successful as well so my opinion is not based on what Nac. does or doesn't do. In high school football you are not guaranteed anything at all, it is so week to week and year to year. Expecting a state run every year because of past success is a difficult expectation.
  8. Yeah they didn’t all dress must be a joint roster for JV. WH only has 26 on freshman.
  9. If everyone dresses there is 72 players on the whitehouse freshman team 25 for Nac
  10. I get the split and if he hadn't just taken over the program in 2013 & 2014 the losses to Nac would have been a bigger deal maybe, I wonder if him making the playoffs those years saved him. Outlaw was 72-27 in his first 9 years-with a great run from 2001-2006 some really great teams Quick is 64-30 in his first 9 years. 2017 & 2018 were his two best. Again a lot of places would kill for just half of that success, and it doesn't have anything to do with what Nac does or doesn't do.
  11. Which is what I think is crazy when I hear people in town talk about replacing Quick. He has helped extend the 22 year playoff streak. Gone multiple rounds deep in a lot of those years, their loses have come to some really good teams. There are a lot of programs in the state that would kill to have that much success.
  12. Forgot about Texas High so freshman have played twice and JV played one. JV Lost 29-16 Freshman lost 8-6 Turnovers killed both teams, turnovers in the red zone in both games.
  13. Our JV hasn't played at all, freshman played rudder on 3 days practice. I am not sure about JV team, but I have seen the freshman team play. They have a lot of skill, size and speed. I am looking forward to seeing what they have with a full 2 weeks of practice.
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