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  1. Just having zero belief we can compete with a good team! 5 of the last 6 years for sure, you could tell the game was over before it even started. A few years ago when we lost to Marshall at home, you could tell they had zero confidence in even having a chance. The same goes playing Lufkin, and in the playoffs against Hunstville. Nac. has always had athletes just haven't been able to put it together for whatever reason. Its not a revolving door of coaches either. Nac. has changed coaches but it isn't anything like some of the programs that change every year. Harper had 5 years, Ford had 2 and Reyes had 7. Last year we at least competed in MOST games.
  2. It is just filthy that Scott Surratt is 57-6 lifetime in the playoffs!!
  3. Navasota fired Fedora after winning the title.
  4. I agree!! I am traditionalist I am OK with colors at midfield and the end zones but I want a green field.
  5. Parish Episcopal Panthers in Dallas have Blue New Braunfels Canyon Cougars have Red Hidalgo Pirates have Navy Blue These are just the first 3 I found.
  6. 1992 Nac Team went 10-2-1, losing in the 3rd round to Lake Highlands on a last second Phil Dawson FG. Lost to Marshall and Lake Highlands tied JT. Also the last time we won a playoff game. The High School I graduated from Crandall- the best team of all time was the 1991 team. They went 12-1 and lost in the regional round to Troy Redwine and the Farmersville Fightin Farmers in a monsoon at Mesquites Handby Stadium. To this day the biggest offensive line I have ever seen a high school team have.
  7. Multiple outlets reporting that the UIL will open up in person strength and conditioning for high schools that include marching band on June 8th. They are anticipating falls sports practices early to mid July!
  8. I think all the states are waiting for someone to be the first to open up high school facilities and then 10-15 will follow. If Louisiana proceeds like we are hearing then I think Texas absolutely follows. I bet Georgia wont be far behind either. With the NFL preparing to play a full schedule I would be surprised if the falls sports don't happen!! California, New York, Michigan and all other Democratically controlled states probably wont do anything until after November's elections.
  9. I grew up with the Mesquite/N Mesquite Rivalry. Great rivalry back in the 80's and 90s, was the last game of the season and typically decided the playoff spot for the district. The game doesn't mean much now since the growth in that area is around Forney. I have always felt a game between the teams that share a stadium and a town can be fierce. Especially when they are both good and share a district!!
  10. These so called experts have been wrong at every turn so far!!!! Human history is full of disease, and we have to face this to beat it. Hiding in our houses prolongs the amount of time it will take us to move past it. What started out as 15 days to slow the spread to allow for medical facilities to not be overwhelmed has turned into trying to stop a virus completely which will not be done!! Make no mistake every bit of this is political has very little to do with your health!!!
  11. Some Nac fans wish we would take the Henderson approach!!
  12. Would be interesting to play Center since ex-Nac coaches are there. Nac holds the series lead with Center-29-1-1. Have not played Center since 2009, That series wasn't doing anyone any good. Center has not beaten Nac since 1933.
  13. I think PT is a clear #3 with a big gap between them and Marshall and Thigh. They have some very good talent coming from Freshman team. They have very good QB/RB combo coming along with Nose Tackle that is going to go D1. 2021 they could better then they have been the last few years. Nac. will have a very good freshman team coming this year. They are big and fast, this is going to be our next big group of talent. Nac has a lot of holes to fill at the skill positions-losing starting QB, WR and most of O-Line.
  14. I would definitely not be sad if the LP/Nac series ended. Neither team gets anything out of it!!!
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