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  1. Should be a good one tonight!! A de facto playoff game for both!! Hope to see the dragons follow up last weeks performance with a win tonight!!
  2. 26-6 mavs in the 3rd marshall has a good looking WR/TE on jv
  3. 18-0 Mavs at half lots penalties, bad snaps and turnovers
  4. I agree 100%, but the more you glorify him with responses the more he is going to dig in.
  5. You are giving him exactly what he wants, he is just pushing your buttons!! Don't let someone with zero stake in this game get you riled up!!
  6. is Hallsville playing this week or are they done?
  7. Exactly, I don't want to just make the 4 seed every 2 or 3 years. I want to be expected to compete for a top 2 or 3 spot. I love seeing PT playing good football, always rooted for them myself.
  8. Well I guess we lose since the visiting bands aren't traveling!!:) We moved our secondary around for TH game, One of the Jones brothers moved from Safety to Corner for the TH game and went one on one most of the night and played well. This game will come down to which offense can execute and not put the defense in a bad position.
  9. This game will not be close!! Texas High will grab a big early lead and make Whitehouse throw. Whitehouse will not be able to cover the outside receivers without help over the top and they cant afford to do that and stop TH running game.
  10. 59 yards on 1 play increases that average to 7.2 yards. That's neither here nor there. I was making the statement that our defense has been a bright spot for us this year, no matter the PT game. Our defense has been put in tough spots all year by our offense. That includes the PT game, with turnovers and dropped passes resulting in short fields. The turning point of the 2nd qtr vs PT was a dropped pass down the sidelines that would have at least taken the ball out past midfield if not a score. The next play was INT and a PT TD 2 plays later. Not saying Nac would have won against PT, PT w
  11. Yes!! The other brother Brennan who spent most of the year hurt last year is a Junior and was left 1 on 1 all night against TH has played really well in the secondary.
  12. Even in our losses our defense has played well. The PT game was lopsided, but we had the ball on the PT 1 yard line as the half expired that would have had us in the game and received the opening second half kickoff. The theme of our season is missed opportunities on offense. Dropped passes and pre-snap penalties. Our defense has gotten after the opposing QB in every game. Our defense has scored or directly set up a score in all but one game this year. Just from reading on here about Marshalls offense troubles and QB, our defense will cause problems for him. We have shut down the opposin
  13. I guess it was a moral victory, but disappointed to lose that game!! Defense played well enough to win, just can’t “make” that play on offense. We had multiple opportunities for big plays in the passing game, and either dropped the pass or over threw the receiver!! congrats to TH, onto a win and in vs Marshall next week
  14. Pick 6 Nac to start 3rd 14-7 Nacogdoches
  15. Dragon Defense has played well!! Offense can’t make the mistakes they are making a beat a team this good!
  16. 7-0 Nac 40 yd pass 728 left in half
  17. Scoreless first qtr nacs defense playing well, offense has missed two open receivers and dropped another one. Nac ran a fake punt on 4th and 3 from own 17 and made it.
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