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  1. interesting!! I am curious where this ends up!! I assume the colors, logos and team names wont change this year if at all??
  2. I didn't figure they would do directions or peoples names unless J.T. goes with Earl Campbell High School.
  3. Thanks, any clues as to the names being selected?
  4. When do they expect an announcement about school name changes? any insight as to what they might be?
  5. We are scrimmaging Lee this year and playing JT in NAC The 2013 and 2014 teams went 9-1 at home. Since installing the turf in 2015 we are 6-19 at home. 2015-1-4-beat Jacksonville 2016-1-4 beat Kilgore 2017-1-4 beat Hallsville 2018-1-4 beat Mt Pleasant 2019-2-3 Beat Jacksonville and Hallsville We are 9-16 on the road from 2015-present
  6. Their home side is pretty big, and they added the stands to move the band to the north end zone.
  7. We wouldn't have gotten that call at home either:) I thought I read they are redoing the visitor side this summer.
  8. We have found ways to lose to WH the last 4 years, blowing leads late that have cost us playoff spots. The loss to MP last year was our first loss to them since 1977, of course we have only played them 6 times since then. 1998,1999,2008,2009,2018 and 2019. MP is one of the few schools we have a winning record against. We are 10-5 lifetime against MP.
  9. REL is the only one we have had any success against. We are still under .500 against them but not near as lopsided as we are vs the rest of them. Well to make the playoff we have to figure out how to beat WH and MP-we have lost 4 straight to WH.
  10. That is one long drive to Alvarado!!!
  11. Playing either of these at Neutral site???? North Forney wanted to play Nac week 1 but wanted a Nuetral site.
  12. Greenville @ Nac week one Sept 25th-replaces Kilgore game.
  13. Its only happened 5 times since 1914, we are 5-43-4 lifetime against CUJO. 1989 was our last win 17-10 even our 1992 team couldn't beat them,They tied 10-10 that year.
  14. That group made the playoffs as Sophomores and then last year fell off a bit.
  15. Top 2 running backs returning, we have position battle at QB between last years back up and senior starting safety and the little brother(Junior) of last years starter. I think the senior will win the job, he has done a lot of winning in Middle school and when his group were all freshman. We have a Jones brother who should start at safety this year and one that will be a freshman. Most predictions I have seen have us finishing 5th, so we should compete for the 4th playoff spot. Turnovers just killed us last year, so fixing that would have changed the outcome to 4-5 games last year. It wasn't just the fact that we turned it over it was when!! Our freshman team is going to be STACKED!!! One of the middle schools had a great 8th grade team last year and the top players from the other middle school should mix well for a very good fish squad.
  16. Nac has replaced Kilgore with Greenville, game will be at Dragon Stadium September 25th Nac updated schedule Week 1-September 25th-Greenville Week 2-October [email protected] Week 3-October 9th-John Tyler Week 4-October 16th-BYE Week 5-October 23rd-Whitehouse Week 6-October [email protected] Tree Week 7-November [email protected] Pleasant Week 8-November 13th-Jacksonville Week 9-November [email protected] Week 10-November 27th-Texas High Week 11-December [email protected]
  17. The hard part is going to get the urban schools to participate. Dallas, Houston, SA, Austin, Fort Bend County and El Paso are talking mid October before they allow any activities. The rural areas have a chance of being ready to go first. I am absolutely tired of it all, being essential has made for a tough and stressful 120 days. I am grateful for my job and my company has more than taken care of us!!! I need some sports somewhere!!!
  18. So many of these kids depend on athletics to get them out of some really poor living conditions and get them a college education they would not otherwise get. I do fear that the cure for this virus will be worse then the virus itself. I hate to say it, some the kids wouldn't be in school at all if it wasn't for athletics!! The emotional well being of our kids is also a concern as they do not have the social interaction that helps to mature them into young adults. People will continue to get sick through out life, I still maintain that we would not have known the difference between this flu season and last years season if the media hadn't blown this up. Day cares have been open across the state and the kids aren't the ones getting sick inside these facilities.
  19. Just having zero belief we can compete with a good team! 5 of the last 6 years for sure, you could tell the game was over before it even started. A few years ago when we lost to Marshall at home, you could tell they had zero confidence in even having a chance. The same goes playing Lufkin, and in the playoffs against Hunstville. Nac. has always had athletes just haven't been able to put it together for whatever reason. Its not a revolving door of coaches either. Nac. has changed coaches but it isn't anything like some of the programs that change every year. Harper had 5 years, Ford had 2 and Reyes had 7. Last year we at least competed in MOST games.
  20. It is just filthy that Scott Surratt is 57-6 lifetime in the playoffs!!
  21. Navasota fired Fedora after winning the title.
  22. I agree!! I am traditionalist I am OK with colors at midfield and the end zones but I want a green field.
  23. Parish Episcopal Panthers in Dallas have Blue New Braunfels Canyon Cougars have Red Hidalgo Pirates have Navy Blue These are just the first 3 I found.
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