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  1. Yes, because there is so much information out there to support your theory.
  2. Owensas

    GSP vs Penn 2

    You better hope your #1 heavyweight doesn't get caught in another ankle lock before he can even start having the nightmare of going against Fedor. :thumbsup:
  3. Wasteland - 10 Years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxlJCHQUwcY...feature=related
  4. 16.1%? Thats a lot higher than I thought admitted it, interesting.
  5. Is there a good source for more info on this? The article mentions they tried to cover up the shooting, why would they do that if they felt they were acting in self defense?
  6. http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?...mp;in_page_id=2 interesting campaign, and another article talks about the possibility of it coming to America, thoughts?
  7. Nah Season 6 is definitely going to be the last, and they've known the ending since i think season 2 or 3 so its nothing to worry about.
  8. Owensas


    Bleeds what all did you have to go through to gain your CCL?
  9. Owensas

    Favorite Fighters

    I want to get hit by BJ Penn one day. I know I would drop like Kaplan did on TUF, but it just doesn't seem like somebody that only weighs 155 could hit that hard.
  10. oh is this one of those cases where any republican that disagrees with you isn't a true republican?
  11. I would say a solid 30-40% atleast, possibly higher.
  12. Nothing to do with the nation of Israel being remade after Jews not living there for centuries.
  13. anybody male that mentions twilight as a good movie in this thread needs to go ahead and hand in their man card.
  14. Its weird the music you start remembering when you stay up all night thinking. The receiving end of sirens - The salesman, the husband, the lover Something Corporate - Konstantine
  15. Did i read the article wrong or are they not changing anything, just simply having everybody ready to go on the spot if somebody refuses?
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