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  1. Crowd size. = Lorena Cheerleaders = Lorena Drumline = Lorena Mascot = Pittsburg. I have always wanted to be a pirate
  2. Those Pitt 2 way players are gunna get a workout
  3. Little to no 2 way players used. A couple of standout hitters and tacklers on the defense but the offence has no particular skill players you can key on except the QB as mentioned earlier. No weaknesses on the team... Even the kicking game is good.
  4. La Vega would dominate? This is the 1st year that these 2 aren't on each other's schedule in a long time. That being said... Lorenas record the past 10 years against La Vega is 6 - 4 and i dont think any of those teams were as good as this one.
  5. The lion is very wise. What ranking do yall trust more between Maxpreps and Dave Campbell
  6. If PG does not win this game easily, they are in real trouble the next 2 weeks
  7. It took 4 interceptions for Lorena to lose their only game. And even That game was still tight. I think it will take at least -2 in turnovers for LE to pull off this win.
  8. If you are thinking of small school tuba, The best tuba player is in area D. It is a 1A school, and is a kid that has made state the past few years with 5A TMEA, not ATSSB. Anyone want to guess, or are we just making shout-outs for our friends? :nowhearthis:
  9. I guess that was me. cool. I liked the 2008 PASIC show even more... did you ever get a chance to see that one on YouTube? That show is the reason small ensembles are no longer allowed to compete for the Fred Sanford award. To update the accomplishments of the program, Lorena now has 2 National PASIC snare champions.
  10. the Lorena band is fun but not tip top. Area judges did however give the drumline a perfect 200/200 score. I have never seen that before. One judge wrote that this was the best line he had ever seen. I work with many lines from Austin to Dallas, and this is one of them, along with other staff members that help for free. Most of the staff are area drumline instructors, and X members. This is how to figure out what line is on the score sheets. Lorena = MS Lorena B = MS Lorena A = Mixed MS/HS Lorena HS = Mixed MS/HS sometimes HS only Lorena PASIC = HS Lorena TCGC/
  11. sorry to say....but Paris has not been in the advanced group at lone Star. Paris, Canton, Argyle do not go up against the big dogs. The only Paris Lorena head to head I can recall is 2005 Houston WGI regional The Lorena MIDDLE SCHOOL beat them in prelims and finals. middle school mind you. The high school has the 2 maybe 3 best snare players in the state of Texas ( with Lone Star PDLC and Pasic to back it up.) Name a 3a that has outscored Marcus, Colleyville, Georgetown, Cedar Park, the past few years. How about EVER? This is from one of the other texas boards The top (F
  12. One year and over 60 posts later. No more hints. The best line is Lorena. Thanks for playing. You guys need to get out to contests more often. Have a nice day.
  13. does anyone know who the top scoring HS PASIC units were this year? The #1 3a drumline is now more clear then ever.
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