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  1. Not all Demo's but Nancy is leading the charge. For the republicans it would be Romney They are both bought and paid for - Perfect evidence for term limits
  2. That's sad. Me and my wife did not let any of our kids use social media growing up. Thought there was to much drama on it. They are 30, 28 and 22 now and although they have it. None of them are ruled by it
  3. You need to use duckduckgo. He paid pretax under his name. The 1500.00 is what he owed when it was all done.
  4. If they do then Kamala Maxine Waters and Pelosi need to retire - They have all said worse and bailed out the people they sent
  5. Biden Suspends Trump EO Used to Stop China From Sabotaging US Power Grid By Michael Thau | Jan 24, 2021 5:30 PM ET Share Tweet AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein My diligent colleagues at Redstate have been all over the story of Biden’s executive order immediately stopping construction on the Keystone XL pipeline. Shipwreckedcrew warned you it was coming… …Jennifer reported on some folks who got shafted when it arrived… … and Steve expl
  6. Today’s gas price 2.21 in Lufkin - up from 2.01. We will see
  7. Your going to post this and you have said nothing about 70,000 jobs lost in a week, slush funds to his cronies, or martial law in D.C. Trump lost and your Bidiphile is destroying America. Defend your vote
  8. Mercy Joe abiding is already bringing us together. Now is ani and 49er would weigh In
  9. VIDEO: Biden Snaps at WH Reporter, Walks Out of Signing Ceremony in a Huff By Jennifer Van Laar | Jan 21, 2021 3:15 PM ET Share Tweet At the end of a press conference announcing new Executive Orders on COVID-19 response Thursday, Joe Biden proceeded to sit down and sign said orders in front of the White House Press Corps. Kamala Harris and Dr. Anthony Fauci stood behind Biden, ostensibly available to answer questions at the end of the ceremony. Instead, when Biden melted down at the
  10. That Graph looks like Fox News Ratings - lol
  11. U.S. Chamber to Joe Biden: You Can Help Americans by Importing Foreign Workers 3,377 Justin Sullivan/Getty Images NEIL MUNRO 21 Jan 20213,968 4:13 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says its corporate members can create jobs for Americans if President Joe Biden’s amnesty and migration bill provides them with “the world’s most talented and industrious people.” The chamber made the January 20 press statement as it applauded Biden’s draft “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” that would dramatically accelerate the inflow of foreign workers into Americans’ blue-collar a
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