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  1. Where we were at in the 50's Where we are at now
  2. Road and Construction - How many illegals will be working those jobs at a reduced rate under the table
  3. That and it is a long ball contest now. Give pitchers the corners of plate and bring back the short game.
  4. Their power needs to go away. I do not use twitter - I wish no one did
  5. Were is the outrage from Dems and liberals Jan 7th they were ready for reeducation camps for Trump supporters. Nancy ????? Bernie ????? AOC ???? Barry???? Old49er ??? A Capital police officer has been killed by a Domestic Terrorist ???????
  6. Their product - I dont watch pro sports that much - Mostly use it for a reason to not cut my grass. Looks like I am going to be the envy of the neighborhood
  7. They want this to be true so bad. There is no journalism
  8. Now will be transported by rail through your town. Crude oil trains are already increasing in volume Google Canadian crude oil train fire
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