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  1. and there wont be a Liberal Judge left by the time she is President
  2. In 4 and a half years Evangelical Mike Pence will be our President and Ikanka Trump will be our first female Vice President. Historical !!!!!!!!!
  3. Good man. Wanted him to be president
  4. What would be the difference between now and then - Trump would not have to worry about getting elected - lol
  5. I would love to have him answer a few unscripted questions
  6. With the campus cops getting defunded - ya'll better
  7. Covid 19 numbers - Brought to you by the mathematicians of Global Warming -
  8. Does not sound like a protest against the Government. Sound like infringement of Religious Rights
  9. Tells me the coals are hot and people are looking for kindling. Don't think it will be long now. People tired of seeing it on the news. Before you 1st amendment me - remember it protects you from the government. Not Bubba
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