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  1. Neither Arp or Linden-Kildare will get that far
  2. Couldn't have said it better. All that matters is that they won 6 games in a row when it counted.
  3. I said Duke would win it from the start and I was right plus had the best brackett out of smoaky's 220 bracketts.
  4. How bout Duke. The BEST TEAM IN THE NCAA. They played bad and still won.
  5. Anyone know who won out of Kilgore and Spring Hill?
  6. New Waverly by 9 to set up a rematch with Sabine.
  7. I didn't say yall did that every game just in that game last year. It worked for yall I would just like to see both teams play the whole game.
  8. Who will Edgewood play Ponder or Peaster?
  9. I would like to see a Sabine and New Waverly rematch without the stalling
  10. Good game tonight. The Raiders played well and then the 4th was just a meltdown. Missed to many free throws tonight but Sabine came out in the 4th and dominated. Good luck to Sabine the rest of the way and good season Raiders, yall will be back next year.
  11. And you say they played so many games in so many days. We shall see tomorrow night. West Rusk will upset Sabine tomorrow night.
  12. West Rusk over Sabine 58-56 Arp over White Oak 71-55 Daingerfield over Frankston 68-58
  13. West Rusk 58 Sabine 56 Should be a good game maybe even lower score then that. I think that West Rusk will force some turnovers tomorrow night and they will hit a lot more 3's then they did last night. If not it could be a long night for the Raiders.
  14. West Rusk 63 Hearne 56 Final West Rusk V.S. Sabine in Area Friday or Saturday night
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