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  1. Only you and buckeye post about his past......who caaaaaaaaaaares
  2. And neither one of those teams will be in the playoffs...bet
  3. We're obviously dealing with a person who is never played a sport in his or HER life. Nomo's turnovers not only gave up 14 points but also shifted the momentum of the game. He single handily gave this game away.
  4. Lmao, [email protected]# comment, they scored 14 points and the defense wasnt even on the field. Did you watch the game?
  5. Who cares about last year or any other year other than this year. He's blown two leads this year, they had 6 field goals in one of their wins, and the other win was to the 49ers (woopty doo). He really is not very good. The Romo lovers like to bring up the coaching, well you got your coach, then the defense, well you got your defense, now what, whats the next excuse. Make like your beloved Romo and admit that you blew it and move on. He doesnt make excuses. He takes the losses. But Romo fans make excuses. He stinks......ok,ok...................this year.
  6. Good game Romo. You played great! You're such an elite QB. You're defense just let you down my friend. Just keep up the good work. And Garrett, man you're the best coach the Cowboys have ever had. Yall just keep up the good work. Hey look at the bright side, Romo wont throw any interceptions next week.
  7. What Shields has done in the regular season makes no difference.
  8. No chance today, CJ crapped an egg and was just too big of hole for the hitters. Still like the Rangers in this series but today is a bust.
  9. Thanks, but I cant take the credit, got that text this morning.
  10. Again I revert to my comment that said ROMO fans blame the team when they lose and praise Romo when they win. You're not a Cowboy Fan buckeye you're a Romo fan. Cowboys lost Sunday, Romo had an opportunity to put the game away, he didnt, therefore he blew it. He said it himself. He looked like he was going to cry in his post game. He keeps saying "I need to learn from it and just be better blah blah blah". No he needs to get his head out of his @#$ and dont give the game away. No doubt he was a huge reason they were ahead up to that point, but he was also the reason they were behind at
  11. I had the Cowboys down for a loss in this game anyway, its just a shame though that they beat themselves. Romo gave the game away. I have them at 11-5 and still think it will happen as long as Romo dont give games away. To some of you, when they win its Romo this and Romo that, when they lose its the team this and the team that.
  12. 0-7 in last 7 starts, how many elite QB's have had a streak like that. Pitchers in baseball arent the only ones that win and lose games but they are held accountable statistically because they can dictate the outcome more than anyone on the field. Same with a QB, he can dictate the outcome more than anyone on the field so therefore they are the hero when they win and the ______ when they lose. Nature of the beast my friend and Rony Tomo cant take that pressure.
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