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  1. Play tomorrow night at 6:00 Play tomorrow night at 6:00
  2. When you pull your starters and put your jv kids in and do nothing but run the ball it's not running up the score. JB will be fine in couple years lots of young kids playing right now.
  3. A young man from James Bowie high school and a good friend of my son lost his life in a tragic accident this morning. My prayers go out to all those involved that you will have peace and comfort during this trying time.
  4. That's easy to say when your on the outside looking in, Coach cross is a very good coach and should give the program some stability, which we haven't had in awhile.
  5. Is it official yet? Or are you still guessing!!!!! Lol.
  6. Please explain the personal agendas, the community is not calling the plays or leading the athletic program.
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