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  1. On the day of reallignment Center and Rusk were originally scheduled to play week zero, but two days later Rusk found out Center had dropped them when centers schedule was posted and rusk was not on it.
  2. Good luck Bullard from Rusk! I sure do wish both underdogs from 17-3a were still fighting!
  3. Rusk should take care of business again this week as long as they hold on to the ball!
  4. Thanks for the info. Rusk has dominated 2 great running back (Sanders & Taylor) neither one scored a TD. I hope they can keep it up!
  5. I'm not too fond of Kville...any info on them? I'm still picking my eagles to win this game!! .....as long as they hold on to the football!
  6. IMO the only reason they are rooting for Bullard is because they haven't been to the playoffs since the Renaissance time period. I can't blame them, I kinda feel sorry for them too. But my Eagles will show no mercy come Friday Night!!!
  7. Game of the week according to Redzone! I can't wait til Friday! Rusk all the way!!!
  8. How do people pick Bullard to win this one when Rusk beat Athens by 35 and Athens beat Bullard by 21. Rusk doesn't get much love but that's ok! Just means more crow will be served Friday night! Just ask Hornet4life!
  9. Rusk keeps rolling and spoils Bullards chances of reaching the playoffs. 41-14
  10. I wish Rusk did have some fans on here, this week especially.
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