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  1. They wont have any trouble filling it. It will cut down the pool of applicants no doubt. The hard truth is there are only so many Head Football jobs in the state of Texas so people will be interested.
  2. One last comment. I have know Coach Ward and his family for quite a while. He is a stand up guy and a good coach. Sometimes things just don't work out for whatever reason. It happens in every profession in every town regardless of the size. I wish him, his family and Harleton the best of luck. By the way congrats to Tenaha on a big win and good luck the rest of the way.
  3. Is the job even posted or is all this just speculation. Doesn't look good but you never know this late.
  4. I wish him the best of luck. But to say that Atlanta has been a very competitive program? In the 90's they were I will agree, but since 2000 they are 94-90. Maybe its just a difference of opinion between very competitive and just competitive.
  5. Over the last 6 years they are averaging less than 3 wins a year. I can see what they would want to stay inside and keep that ball rolling.
  6. Wow that's quick was posted Jan 26.
  7. If the fans aren't happy they can go talk to the Supt. and hiring committee, not the AD.
  8. Congrats to Blenden. Good dude and can coach. Good luck.
  9. If that is true I will stay with my original comment. Disappointing. As Bill Parcells said "if they want you to cook the meal they should let you buy the groceries". As an AD if they wont let you hire the staff then I agree its time to move on.
  10. Frankston IS a great small town. I graduated there and there are a lot of good people and they have very nice small school facilities. Need to upgrade the football stadium though. I pull for them always being that it is my hometown. However if its true that they had a separate committee to hire a basketball coach that is disappointing. I'm sure the new coach is excellent but that's not the point. This is not the way that people that do things right do them. Like I said its my hometown and I still have parents that live there and pay school taxes and I wish them the best.
  11. Wheatie your comment about small towns and someone be excited to tell inside info is the most factual statement in the history of this board.
  12. Surely I am misunderstanding things. HIs record the last 6 years isn't 5-55? Wade Phillips just won a Super Bowl as a DC too. Being a good assistant or coordinator and a good head coach are 2 different things. I am sure he is a "good guy" as has been reported but you have to be competitive and 5-55 isn't competitive.
  13. surely you jest on who wants to come. sorry took to long.
  14. I read somewhere were interviews were going to start next week so I am sure they have made calls already. I agree with couldbe, I think this has a chance to a good job for someone.
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