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  1. The Robinson band director is clueless too or perhaps he doesn’t care.
  2. I think it will be the La Vega running attack that will be the difference in this game. I predict they will pound & pound & pound some more while chewing up the clock and wearing down the LH defense. I believe the La Vega defense will slow down the Slot-T and force some punts. If the Pirates get up 2 scores, then I think you’ll be able to stick a fork in it. Now you Panther fans don’t go hating on me, I have a great deal of respect for your school & football program; I was one of your biggest fans last night and am glad you won. It’s just that La Vega is on a different leve
  3. Chuck called and told me to bump this thread; he doesn’t like being on page 2.
  4. By far this is the Chuckest thread of all time.....By the way, it was Chuck that gave Victoria her secret.
  5. I think it will be another close one. I’ll be rooting for LV. My opinion; LV has the edge in talent and Argyle has the edge in coaching. Gonna be a fun game to watch, wish I could be there. Safe travels everyone.
  6. Ok, 3 hairs No, wait.....I had it right after all.
  7. LV looks like a Jr. College team, size wise.
  8. Well, if the birds beat the kitties we’ll find out.
  9. 24-14 now ha ha, I’m a little late with the update
  10. Time will certainly tell us the truth of the matter. I will not be at the game, but hope that you have a great time and safe travels.
  11. Pulling two upsets in a row is muy difficult, but it could happen.
  12. Lorena is a solid team, they make few mistakes and will have few penalties. Their defense will make the opposing offense earn most of its way. Offensively, they will kill you with a thousand small cuts. They are very well coached.
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