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  1. There ya go. Stats thru the end of 2018 from the hall of fame statman himself Joe Lee Smith.
  2. Mart is amazing. They’ve played around 1160 games since 1912 and have been consistent almost that entire time. They’ve won a little over 2/3 of their games in 107 years. Unreal.
  3. Lol. WO-S is currently 406-98-3 with an 80.4% winning percentage. We’ve played over 500 games and won 406 games from 1977-2018. It took Gilmer from 1914-1990 to hit #406. We could go 0-300 over the next 30 years and still have an overall winning record. We’ve also made 8 state finals with 4 titles in the same 42 seasons. How many do you have in the past 105?
  4. 53-2 in the last 55 games. Good luck to all tomorrow with no injuries.
  5. It was actually 35-0 at halftime with 32 total yards. I was there at NRG in person.
  6. We took a knee on their 5 yard line to end the game. We have a little class like Carthage and don’t run up scores but keep trying. Salado went 12-2 and was pretty darn salty. They also averaged more points a game than PG until their last two games and we held them to a goose egg.
  7. Lol. Tired by the 2nd Q? We did shut out Wimberley in the 2nd Half. Halftime adjustments are our specialty.
  8. I did get to see 85 WOS vs 85 Yates. We were winning with 6 minutes left in the game but alas couldn’t hold on.
  9. Ummm... using those numbers PG’s opponents have a 54% winning percentage vs WOS’ with 58%. I’m not seeing your point. You do realize we didn’t play two games because of Hurricane Harvey? You can’t just look at raw stats comparing a 13 game season vs a 15 game season.
  10. They wouldn’t even have beaten 4A Bay City that year. Just my opinion. Bay City had the best defense in 4A that year and played a much tougher schedule.
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