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  1. I think it's Grandview vs teague with Grandview wi ning.
  2. The backjudge told the white hat he blew the whistle so by rule you relock. Diana players heard whistle and ran off the field
  3. Jeffy is a guy in the movie the ringer pretends to be a retard.
  4. The coaches draft true officials so it don't matter weather you good or bad.
  5. I have seen both play and jeffy is not as physical as hs just like last year they will struggle with physical teams like Howe.
  6. I would rather ask San Augustine that question.lol
  7. 7th HS 14 hooks 12 8th HS 38 hooks 6 If hs 16 hooks 0
  8. I wanna say 42-6 But we have a sophomore Qb so I will say 36-14. Lol
  9. 88 I guess Willie p is gonna hide all week!!!!
  10. Wonder where Willie p is this week is she hiding in the concession stand hoping nobody will find her. We need the real story.
  11. I know a guy that is a dixie district director from hooks just knew he would be on here this week.
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