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  1. Seriously? You do know that this is the play offs? longhorndummy, do you think there is some kind of privilege from being a little further north? haha
  2. Yeah, WOS got off to a rocky start. But Cornel got in there and moved people around, and replaced others. Turned everything around. WOS is never a push over, but Silsbee is a talented team this year. We'll see...........
  3. OMG! Ema must be blind. haha. Daingerfield just got on the receiving end of a Southeast Texas Butt Whooping, that will be talked about for decades, and this guy comes in and says they can't step a division. Hey Ema, you do know that Newton worked my WOS Mustangs over this year, don't you? But, it's good, Newton and WOS are cousins.
  4. We'll see who beats who. I think our Newton Cousins gonna whoop up on everyone.
  5. I bet there is a lot of absentees from Daingerfield, right about now. haha. They found out what football from SouthEast Texas is all about. Newton and West Orange are first cousins.
  6. As I said, the Chain Gang (defensive line) did their job. This game was won by the passing game.
  7. Why did you accuse someone else of hiding behind a false name?
  8. Pine trees are so thick here, you can barely see the tallows.
  9. Not hardly. When you can put up 40 years of football history like WOS has, you are not the weakest link.
  10. HA! You ain't silenced me! WOS is a legacy of great football. We have been here numerous times. Won some, lost some, but we are in the playoffs every year. Not taking nothing away from PG's win tonight, but when you have the history that WOS has, you just don't quit. Smile!
  11. Well, If you look at the game in the trenches, you saw what the Chain Gang is famous for. Even PG's coach acknowledged that.
  12. If you want to go there, then you ain't East Texas either, you are Northeast Texas, ya dig?
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