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  1. Pitt will be an immediate problem for this district.now that a change was made. Pitt will be in the hunt for the next several years.
  2. PG beat Gilmer 15-5 while LE lost to NL 6-3. This opens the door for PG to get the 1 seed. Both now have 2 district losses.
  3. Your right! I mentioned early that 16 is much better and deeper than 15. I can see 16 going 3-1 in round 1.
  4. PG beat LE at home tonight 10-2. Rubber match later in district. Both teams are ok but not great. PG not near what they have been in the past. Both will be in playoffs and be fine.
  5. He was the AD. Not saying it was him actually doing these things but he is the leader as the AD. If it was his staff he should have handled. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he did see this going on as the AD.
  6. So Jones was doing this? His 2 boys I’m assuming were in this same weight room. Crazy
  7. Because every year they are highly ranked and never produce a title. Have they made the tournament?
  8. They are the leader by far in the clubhouse.
  9. Argyle will have a QB.
  10. IMO this district is by far better than the PG, LE, NL, Paris & Pitt district.
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