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  1. LE rolls to another victory LE 38 LW 12
  2. I’m taking Carthage until a team proves me wrong Carthage 34 Gilmer 24
  3. WOS and Newton always play tough against one another. Good win by the Mustangs.
  4. I don’t see Celina moving up. The number will go up and my guess it will go up about 75 - 90 kids on the top end.
  5. Whoa simma down now, simma down. Don’t be so angry! U on meds? LMAO
  6. The Hogs don’t want to cross the line after what happened in Paris.
  7. This thread used to be about 8 pages long. Now it’s 2! That should tell you about the drop off of both teams.
  8. With the run of players the last few years it’s really hard to keep up with the success they have had when those type of players are gone.
  9. Stangs win with another strong D performance. WOS 27 Newton 13
  10. They will have to clean up a lot more than mistakes to beat Van. Van 42 Pitt 14
  11. Losing what the Hawks lost on D (4 dudes playing on Saturday) was sure gonna hurt and it is hurting. Can’t replace guys like that.
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