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  1. Current PG Sr. LB played at LE last year.
  2. Most of the recent PG move ins came as 9th graders or after the 9th grade. The only one I can think of that came earlier is the 9th grade TB who plays varsity that moved from LE in 6th grade. More power to anyone who gets good players. Kids want to win and more than ever parents want their kids to be a part of winning. Just look at the NBA, players want a title by putting a few of the best together and getting one.
  3. The athletes/coaches that are not quarantined can unless the admin shut it all down for 14 days.
  4. If the Rabbs lose this one ATL may implode.
  5. Here is my crazy thoughts on this one and my opinion on both: Offense - leaning toward SH Defense - leaning toward LE Special Teams - leaning toward SH Being played at LE helps the Leopards some. Final thoughts = A few big plays by the LE O and some turnovers by SH give LE the win 21-20.
  6. Looks like Gilmer dominated every aspect of the game.
  7. That’s laughable! They can’t beat Carthage who is a district foe in Region 3. And as we both know will not beat WOS this year. If a miracle occurs and they somehow sneak by these 2 and reach the finals, the PG Hawks will smoke em. I guess being the 4th best team in 4a D2 isn’t bad.
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