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  1. A great sophomore... maybe! I've worked for several guys that panic in this situation when rebuilding a place. You bring everyone up just because they are slightly better then an average senior. You don't win anymore games...then your entire program loses because all sub varsity programs have been stripped. You have to be willing to keep them down and learn to win at the JH and Sub Varsity. Not many have the b...s to do this and I get it. But you share your long term vision with the bosses and hang in there! Just my take!
  2. Friends, Former Groveton/Northwestern State standout football player, Wade Williams passed away yesterday in a plane crash in Louisiana. Please keep his family in your prayers. 5 Williams brothers, including Wade, played for the Groveton Indians. He is a devoted husband, father, son, friend and teammate. I had the pleasure to coach him in Groveton.
  3. Who still runs this offense? I need a gig!
  4. 907 is looking again this year for a gig! Rush the football is his game! High percentage playaction! Let’s go!
  5. I know they are D-2 but Grapeland is under the radar for sure!
  6. All joking aside, sounds like a good hire!
  7. All of the Diboll connections residing in Livingston! I forgot that Diboll is the "Sports Mecca of East Texas!
  8. I have lots of thoughts with this job! Livingston, like all schools, has its share of great families and kids along with the not-so great families and kids! Do they have the same talent as the "Rowe" years, NO! Not even close. Do they have some talent, yes of coarse. Will this realignment help? Absolutely but by no means is this new 4A district a cakewalk! Livingston is a consistent winner with baseball and softball! Football it seems, runs through some talent about every 5 years! One major problem is participation! Livingston has 2-3A numbers participating in athletics! This exposes football
  9. That I don't know but they have plenty of propert y purchased next to the school!
  10. Since they can't pass an athletic bond there, my guess is the soccer/track complex is the first step to building a football stadium by the high school! You have to do this in chunks without the bond!
  11. Isn't this a done deal inside already?
  12. Yes watching teams like Gunter is pretty cool, but for me I prefer under center for the rocket series, balance to either side, using my slots to block inside for midline and sometimes triple. Anytime Gunter ran triple in the title it was effective but they mostly ran Pro I stuff out if it!
  13. There is nothing uglier then a JH attempting to run the spread that doesn't have the players or coaches to run it!
  14. Yessir! Use to run the freeze option out of the I but now I prefer it from the flex with either no motion or twirl motion playside!
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