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  1. Seems like Dawgs play down a little after playing a big game the week prior. 2nd half should be better.
  2. Maybe QC can make the necessary halftime adjustments.....
  3. Any weak link in the trenches might be one of the difference makers in the outcome. With PG’s defensive front it’s going to be a real test for the Dawgs O-line.
  4. You can't make a top 5 list without leaving some really good ones out! I would go with, in no particular order: Bayless, Briggs, D. Smith, H. Holland, and of course K. Ingram
  5. Here is a question for discussion: Name the top 5 Carthage running backs.......
  6. Great points. I completely forgot about Blackshire's injury that he played with most of the season. Gotta give the #1 spot to Morgan because he earned 2 championships while playing QB.
  7. IMO, Morgan and Bogenschutz are the two front runners by far. I believe they were able to win a SC with less weapons surrounding them in addition to the fact that their overall qb stats are pretty impressive. Davis, Blackshire, and Capps can all be grouped together as a second tier of SC quarterbacks.
  8. Time will tell. Hopefully he can, however with that much talent it was easy to hide any flaws that may exist.
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