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  1. Dawgs keep rolling! Almost time to make room reservations in Houston.
  2. So I been seeing this "Respect the K" stuff on Facebook and SDB. Hey I love that, respect that. Matter of fact everyone from C-Town I talked to was hoping Kilgore would be walking out the opposite locker room in Jerry world. Shows UIL and the State that East Texas is 3A football. So with that said I think the respect part is there. Theres also a saying out there that goes "practice what you preach". Some of these so called fans don't seem to be showing much respect for the C-Dawg. I promise you Carthage will score more than 21. Highly possible before halftime, if your run attack walks all over our little defense like every Kilgorian claims. I also want to tell my fellow Red Dawg Nation Blood Brothers not to gloat on previous achievements. This is a new day, a new opponoment, and a new game. Surratt and Co. will have our boys ready for what ever situation arises in the game Friday. That I assure you. Kilgore I leave you with one final note.......FEAR THE C
  3. Took me a while to read through all the SMACK talk....LOL. Just picked up my tickets and I cant wait for Friday! GL to Kilore. GO DAWGS!
  4. Sorry didnt see the thread earlier.
  5. Can anyone do score updates. Im out of town working and can't make the game. :-(
  6. Dawgs will not lose this one. I'm sure Center is better this year hard to imagine they could have gotten any worst. :-)
  7. WELL, looks like Panola will be playing Mt. Pleasant for the T-Ball STATE Championship in Spring Hill/Longview. Panola lost to East Montgomery County earlier in the tournament, they come back and stroked EMC two games in a row to win the South Title.
  8. Congrats Coach Morgan......You will be missed VERY much in Carthage. I bet we see Jasper in Pre Season the next few years.........Is it normal to feel betrayed even though you know its whats best for him and his family? 11-DEEP is more like 1-MISSING now! Good Luck in Jasper though.
  9. any one got a pic of the NEW Carthage ring?
  10. Im sure some Carthage fans wanna know whats the story behind the "Code RED" :)
  11. Interested in seeing the pics of rings mainly for this years, but in the past years would be neat aswell.
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