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  1. Lufkin impressed me! I think they will do very well this year! I agree about the refs. This was one play among many, I said Huh?
  2. Floyd's has a great Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya. I frequently travel to Southern Louisiana and Floyd's is the best I have ever had!
  3. I would pay a pretty penny to have a DVD of that game! Say......$25.00 with all proceeds going to the Booster Club! Heck, I already saved my ticket stub just because that game meant so much. It would be even more special to have the audio of the radio broadcast.
  4. Good Luck JT! Show those Dallas Teams how it's done in East Texas!
  5. Predicted JT to take it all early on! "You Can Do it" if you play all four quarters!
  6. Went back and looked at the stream. Score was 45-44 Harlingen. Abilene kicks the PAT. It was good! Personal foul on Harlingen so they give Abilene the option to take the point and go into 3rd overtime or put the ball 1-1/2 yard out and try again. They elected to go for Two! Lined up two backs but the ball was bobbled and he did not make it in! Tough Loss for the Eagles. Maybe they should have tried a Lobo Suprise!
  7. The Abilene Eagles lost to Harlingen, 45-44, Saturday in 2 OTs Did anybody listen?
  8. Wow J.T. Has one Heck of a Team! I think if you can stay healthy you could just win this whole thing in 4A. this was a very impressive football game! I hope your QB makes it back! Good luck the rest of the way!
  9. radio in my ear, binoculars around my neck and my iphone on my leg. A guy asked me to check the Rangers score. I had to tell him no.. The app worked great! The only question I have is at the end of the game can I post that it is final or is that an admin task?
  10. [quote name='Lobo97' The LV radio station has been working for a while now if you'd prefer that one. You know it's sad to have to have such good radio coverage but you can never hear them. I say this every year! Longview has one of the best programs in the state. The coverage is exceptional. The station is static or not even on. You would think KYKX would try to cover the local team. They could still have their call in show to talk about everything but football after the game. They could be totally awesome. Every time I try to tune The Ranch in I get Mexican Music. Did I say how much I
  11. Just Downloaded this App. If you have an IPhone you gotta get this!!! This is going to make your halftime fly by! It would be nice to list the radio station where the game could be heard!
  12. As other posters have stated on this thread, being academically unacceptable does not help! However, the high drop out rate can directly be attributed to students who are not in this country legally. As I am told by by some LISD staff. illegal's drop out of high school about as fast as they enroll in elementry school. Ironically, this is also a big contributing factor to being academically unaceptable at the elementry level.
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