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  1. The rioters and looters, yes. Anything else?
  2. Hmm..... White people get the best trained cops for some reason.
  3. Can we you guys watch this video from Minnesota and tell me with a straight face there's no double standard and no this is NOT in the mainstream media that I know of. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeHHdAED/
  4. Let me shut this down right now. Please stop with this national news ####. This stuff gets out on social media, people share the post and then get on national news. It's not like the news vans are capturing these videos. These are everyday people who post these. Did anyone film this incident and put in on social media? Sorry about what happened and it does go both ways but stop with this national news ####. If it was recorded, and passed along by people who feel the same as you it would have no choice but to make national news.
  5. Being black and being around black people my whole life, I've never seen nor heard of the roles being reversed.
  6. With the way the officers approached the situation, I would keep my hands visible at all times. That guaranteed his survival. Pepper spray is better than bullets. As long as his hands could be seen, there was a almost a 100% chance he would not be shot. If he reaches for his seatbelt, can we say the same thing?
  7. He was calm and let the cops see his hand. No way i'd feel comfortable undoing my seatbelt with guns pointed at me and I don't know why. I'd rather get pepper sprayed than shot. Cop should have said or yelled. We pulled you over b/c you have no visible plates and tinted windows. We must treat this as high risk. Get out of the car slowly with your hands up, so we can verify that you have no other passengers. Sure there's a better way to say this but at least now this guy knows WHY guns are pointed at him and he understands the situation.
  8. First step would be stating why you pulled this person over.
  9. So guns pointed at you for no valid reason and you're going to trust these same cops not to shoot you when you reach down.
  10. I said those were the first two that came to mind.
  11. Anyone wonders why he didn't want to get out of the car. Here you go. I'm honestly afraid to get out of the car." Cop: "Ya dude, you should be." Comply my..........
  12. 2 instantly come to mind. the mentally ill guy with his hands up and philando castile. it's more but that just instantly comes to mind.
  13. If they get out pointing guns for no apparent reason, why the heck would you reach down for anything in the vehicle or trust these officers. Please explain the logic. The safest way not to get shot was to show the empty hands out the window.
  14. Now my question is, what were the circumstances. Routine traffic stops, robberies.....etc. I'm more concerned with blacks dying from routine stops.
  15. You're right. The cop knew it was unlawful too and that's why he tried to cover his.........
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