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  1. I get what you saying but I did post an article about the people who are convicted with similar backgrounds and there is still a disparity in sentencing . it was the thing regardless of race most people commit violent crimes are going to be a repeat offenders. This is just me with no stats but the majority of these violent offenders are probably career criminals. A little food for thought. Cocaine is more prevalent in white communities and cracking black communities. Crack and cocaine are the same exact drug but crack has a much harsher sentence.
  2. Oh you're going to download it.?Heck I just read the summary lol. This is the U.S. dept of justice link. 2018 is the most recent. Out of 495,900 violent crimes, 288,620 are committed by whites and 187,470 are committed by blacks. I get the argument that the white population is the largest so they will lead in most total crime categories but in the end, the white prison population disproportionate to the amount of crimes committed. According to the numbers, the minorities are not committing the most crimes. I expect who commits the most crimes should reflect the prison population in this country. Wasn't trying to dodge the question but the numbers are showing that whites commit the most crimes. https://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/crime/ucr.asp?table_in=2
  3. This is 2017 but this specifically talks about whites and blacks in similar situations as far as history. @Youngcoach123 https://www.ussc.gov/research/research-reports/demographic-differences-sentencing
  4. There are a ton of apples to apples cases. I remember one young white man who raped the girl in the judge gave him probation because he had the rest of his life ahead of him. I'll have to look that up. With numbers that large I have a feeling a lot of them are not first-time offenders.
  5. It's not my day but those numbers don't match the prison population
  6. Even my biggest opponents probably would not agree with you on that.
  7. Yeah I posted the link a while back. Numbers are really big https://www.ojjdp.gov/ojstatbb/crime/ucr.asp?table_in=2
  8. Perspective on what? Please stop acting like you know me, u once accused me blaming my issues on others.
  9. My stance was in longer sentences for those who are arrested and the fact more whites commit violent crimes but make up very little of the prison population
  10. no i was using voice texting as opposed to typing on my phone. #boomer
  11. So liberals are the only ones huh! I said what I said but I guess that's what google heard lol.
  12. As long as you have a poorly education mass of people in the backwoods, Trump has a chance unfortunately.
  13. You sure they're not in Denton County?
  14. Oh ok. I was about to say. It's more than zero, just not by much.
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