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  1. So we imagined people attacking officers at the capitol? I'm confused.
  2. I agree 100%. Like I said, if attacking cops at the capitol didn't open their eyes. Nothing will.
  3. That's our point. No matter how much we accomplish, take us out of professional attire and we're just another n-word to a racist cop. Also, success doesn't make me turn a blind eye to what's going on. It's sad but blacks have a ton of distrusts for cops. They were used as henchmen of racists politicians in the recent past. I've met a lot of good cops in my day, got pulled over by one on Christmas Eve, but 1 cop racially profiling is one too many.
  4. Never mentioned race with cops. One thing I hate more than a racist cop is a black cop trying to fit in or impress a racists cop. Experienced quite a bit of those in my day.
  5. One brave black dude. You already know what's about to be said. "This is a setup", "not the same cop", "this is an anomaly" etc....
  6. Checkmate! The capitol incident should be proof enough of this.
  7. For the 10000th time, justice will be served. What would be the purpose for BLM. Very seldom does a black person get off without punishment for murder. A problem in this country when white people are allowed to pepper spray cops and live to tell about it
  8. Wow. My school has over 1300 students and 150 show up everyday if that much
  9. I'm not THAT sensitive to race talk lol. So ya'll have a lot of kids attending. I'm lucky to get 3 a day in person.
  10. ctown81


    If this is fake, explain this @CarthDawg77, where were you last Wednesday again?
  11. Y'all made it seem one-sided on this sife.I see a lot of defending of this and you could have picked a better example than Columbus though.
  12. Had no idea he purposely led protesters away from the Senate doors. Can definitely say he feared for his life but didn't shoot first (although I would have). https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/01/eugene-goodman-capitol-police-officer-hero-video.html
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