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  1. No I have no information. Nor does anyone else who's arguing this.ts a dangerous thing when people start trusting people without finding out what things are for themselves.
  2. So you actually seen it or seen footage of it set into practice? Only stories I've seen or of books that teaches found that said white man bad for elementary students. Anyone who works in a large school district will tell you that the books that are put on the approved list are actually books that nobody actually looked at before they were approved.
  3. How can you say that when you don't even know what it is or what it looks like? Please explain this one to me?
  4. SS is not lower level. Just underappreciated but that's ok. I love being under the radar.
  5. I get that, but what would an example of a lesson taught in class be? What type of lesson would say all white people are evil?
  6. I'm neither defending nor condemning. I see people at school board meetings condemning it more so than defending but none of them even knows what it looks like.
  7. I know that too but can someone give me an example of what a high school CRT lesson would be?
  8. This is a question for you and everyone else. Y'all are saying this but can anyone produce an example of this in a high school lesson plan? When you do, can you make sure it's part of the CRT curriculum? Remember, I asked for a high school example. Everyone seems to complain about it but can't say what it is.
  9. Never understood the big deal with this. No one ever said you could not pray, employees just can't lead it. It'd be a totally different narrative if a Muslim led in prayer. Plus, what did Jesus say about public prayer in Matthew?
  10. The Killmonger story is the only one I'd actually like to see a continuation, but as far as episodes, Dr. Strange is my favorite so far
  11. It's more about the halftime show unfortunately at HBU's. Stands fill up mid first quarter and empty after halftime.
  12. I guess this veteran didn't fit this host's agenda. He was furious
  13. Someone not wearing there seatbelt does not hurt just them, others can get hurt also. Imagine going 60mph on a frwy and having to slam your breaks and swerve. What happens if as soon as you slam your breaks you go through the windshield and now there is zero control for the car. I can understand why it became a law. It's like being upset about DWI's infringing on your freedoms. JMO.
  14. Where did you see this? Not disputing, just want to see. I know someone personally who was vaccinated and died but he was 90.
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