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  1. Now I see why Jasper called timeout with seconds left. They wanted kudos from sideline to sideline lol
  2. Wait....... so am I the only person in here who knows that mask do not prevent you from getting the disease, it's used to keep you from spreading it?
  3. I wasn't saying that as an insult. Enjoy your day.
  4. What problems do I have? You've asked me for examples of systemic racism and I gave them to you. I ALWAYS say I don't know much about BLM. Never really cared enough to look anything up. You make up stuff without ever backing it up. You know nothing about my life to say I blame others for problems I didn't know I have . I'm dead serious when I say this, I'm beginning to think you may be mentally ill.
  5. I asked u for one example of Jett but you say something about me. So the fact you that I don't believe BLM is a terrorist organization, means I play the victim? Weren't u talking about logic a little earlier?
  6. Give me ONE example of @JETTplaying victim. You say a lot of things and can NEVER back it up.
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