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  1. They are what we thought they were!!!!! Poo!!!! Hahaha
  2. Crack head right here. When you get to throw a TD from 5 yds past the line of scrimmage you don't get to complain about the officials. Lol
  3. Yeah same play...the forward pass. Y'all can't stop it. Lol And everyone in white has been toasted tonight. Don't try and put it on one kid. Hahaha
  4. Fair enough, and ill remind you when yall do.............oh wait, you remember when i said..........lmao
  5. Yep, We need to suspend the Mods from the thread next week.
  6. Look at that....you said my name and already tied for the lead. lol Bring that thang on back to Dfield.
  7. Well Gilmer because they win but Lgview because they choke. lol
  8. S1ikk, Crush, Jake, Franks, and Killer all on one thread.......if Kev was on tonight it would be like a reunion thread.
  9. Damn was he playing on Thursday SC? Not this year surely........hahaha
  10. Slikk you coming out of retirement? lol We might need you next week. Haha
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