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  1. Anyone catch that clue? "In this state, high school football is a big deal & Longview vs, Marshall is one of the great rivalries"
  2. It's no stretch at all to predict a 4th place finish for Baylor. They nearly upset Tech in Lubbock last year, and return many more starters. And if they catch OU without Bradford, they could even end up 3rd. FYI: As it stands, Sportsbook.com has Tech as a mere 2 point favorite @Baylor.
  3. This was Carthage's first win vs. Kilgore since 1994 (0-10). It's about time they won one! :happy65:
  4. If nothing else, you are probably uninformed... or worse, misinformed. :whome:
  5. A couple of years ago I would have been enraged by such an article, but it appears more and more that VY just can't make it in the league. This does nothing to diminish his college exploits -- he will remain as one of all-time college greats -- but it's still majorly disappointing. Perhaps if he can get out of Tennessee (Minnesota maybe?) things can change. I don't have high hopes though.
  6. Methinks this list will expand significantly in a few years with Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman, Colt McCoy, Robert Griffin, et al making it to the League.
  7. WOW, this is... shocking. :shocked: I had just assumed he was on vacation or something. Did anyone happen to save his final show podcast?
  8. I know the plurality of OU's recruits are from the state of Texas, but are we really going to categorize them as a Texas school?
  9. 13-4A vs. 14-4A handicapped: Longview -34.5 vs. Jax Texas High -16 vs. Whitehouse Sulpher Springs -14.5 vs. Lindale Kilgore -3.5 vs. Marshall Any takers?
  10. I'm in the exact same situation. I'll probably end up staying up studying till the exam. Now lets end this series!
  11. Kilgore will need to score at least 35 pts to stay competitive.
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