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  1. I’m referring to this past year when it opened up and some Queen City faithful tried to make a push for them to hire the girls basketball coach as AD. Being the head coach to multiple sports is different. Hats off to that guy for doing it. But hiring someone with no tie to football in Texas as AD can’t help but think you have given up on your program.
  2. Queen City is thankful for Prairiland administration for making them look good and showing them how dumb they could have looked. Queen City didn’t even mean it when talking about hiring the basketball coach because they knew better. Queen City of all places knew better. It’s sad even when Queen City is laughing at a town.
  3. I think Pitt figured some things out last week. Pitt comfortably
  4. That’s what I heard as well. Something like 5? I also heard a harmony player broke his leg walking to the field after halftime of the new Diana game. Is this true?
  5. I think Dekalb will be too physical. Dekalb
  6. DA on the other hand.... he even won at Harleton. Lol
  7. I agree but in fairness I have only seen the 2010 team and they were unbelievable. And that team could have won their classification when they were in 8th grade. They were special.
  8. Hugg said the Tigers were going to win state the next three years as he was leaving... since the three peat for bowman he has ran into a mess of trouble not to mention making it to the third round of the playoffs ONE time and second round only ONE time! That’s not near as impressive of a resume as you make it sound to be. I know Dangerfield didn’t dry up but at the same time I’m not sure they have the same kids that Hugg was leaving behind.
  9. A little bit of everywhere. Mainly Texarkana but have bounced around but always return to Texarkana area
  10. Discipline and accountability? Is that what is going on at PPHS currently?
  11. NB takes the win. Much improved with Coach Thomas back helping with the line. And PP went with the numbers on the helmet and have to “earn” stickers because he forgot to order them on time and they haven’t came in yet.
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