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  1. jasper might be slight favorite but i'll go with the shelby county boys.
  2. in a sloppily played game last friday, Carthage starters gave up 1 touchdown. is Rusk offense better than Jasper?
  3. Barbay emphasised in the pregame talk the need to stop the big play which he indicated as a big part of the Carthage offense. Think he overdid it a little. Was nice of Jasper to call those last time outs to allow the Carthage second string to get a few extra plays experience.
  4. Barbay's pre game comments on courtney were that he wasn't overpowering, they could tackle him just matter of doing it. I'm going to guess he has a little more respect for the young man today.
  5. The Dawgs know they are going to get everybody's best game. Quoting the main guy he wouldn't have it any other way.
  6. im not familiar with the point rule. appreciate it if you could explain.
  7. aware of that. and his wife's first cousin is Barry Switzer. since we are playing sat morning trivia can you tell me who last night made the statement that the carthage players were getting chippy because they thought they were hot stuff? hint: was probably heard by thousands of ears.
  8. jasper coach said #5 (kip lewis) was the dominating player on the field and they had no answer for him.
  9. Coach Surratt was untested as a head coach at the time Carthage hired him. No way anyone could have imagined his successs. your idea that the Carthage success is tied to an oil boom is grasping for anything. Dont remember these kinds of comments coming up before any other Carthage game. I wont continue this as I'm sure folks are getting tired.
  10. never said all posts on the other forum were ugly. one post suggested recruiting and there was chatter that Carthages success may be due to some oil boom in '07. that theory would suggest some kind of unfair advantage Carthage may have received. sounded like sour grape excuses to me. the simple truth is the Carthage school board did a great job in their coach pick and the community has some families that are pretty darn athletic. one of the amazing things to me is that Carthage isnt a suburb of a metropolitan area and the kiids are pretty much from families that have been there for many
  11. I referenced a forum and not an individual. I stand by what I said. People can judge for themselves. No need to get personal and ugly.
  12. don't go on setexsports. they are already showing sour grapes. alledging unethical and illegal activity.
  13. for sure would have gone for 2 in the second overtime
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