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  1. Aledo needs some competition and I don't see it.
  2. funny to read comments by a bunch of haters and johnny come lately's. carthage is in another class from any 4-a teams, including argyle. d-2 title had better teams than d-1 this year. the difference is surratt. he makes great players. i sat and watched how long it too for surratt and carthage to get the respect they deserved. think it may have had something to do with not being in the favored part of the state. his teams are getting better every year so you can figure the future out. tepper finally became a believer after he got burned again last year. get used to this for about 5 mor
  3. Should be a 42-14 type game since I don't think Gilmer has improved any more than Carthage.
  4. only game i remember carthage losing in the second half was to a guy named mahomes. how many buckeyes play both ways?
  5. its too much for a high school game but i'm sure uil is trying to recover some lost money this year as well.
  6. weather showing mid 60's with 70% chance of rain.
  7. uil website has broadcast schedule for next week. 2015 lavega argyle game tuesday at 9am i believe.
  8. why don't you just fess up and admit you have been at squire creek for the last several days.
  9. Texanlive is a rinky dink project. Getting to watch 90% of the game is better than nothing.
  10. Coach and school administration need to be held accountable. This isn't the first serious incident apparently. When somebody says Edinburg now, what are you going to think. Looked like the coach handleing him with kid gloves getting him off field.
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