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  1. that's about right. disappointing ride back to big C.
  2. you guys talking about the estacado game in brownwood? booty was a man in that game. bad result though.
  3. PG was allowed to have their ref crew of choice.
  4. suspect you whine and make excuses for everything you do.
  5. This topic always comes up this time of year. If someone moves to Carthage for their kid they are making a serious sacrifice because I don't know what the heck you do for a living. Kids have always made a choice between Beckville or Gary or EFields to come to Carthage if they chose to. I guarantee you Surratt isn't going to risk putting the program in jeopardy. Heck, I recognize most of the names as long time area natives. Jealousy is a sad thing.
  6. I thought they would try to get Athens or Corsicana.
  7. unless we have some injuries i'm not aware of or the weather is a big factor, i don't see CS being any more challenging than Salado.
  8. looks like 18.5. maybe the problem although dont have problem with other streaming. watched caddo on the mascot app with no problem.
  9. Somebody suggested China Spring would be more competitive. I thought Salado beat Spring.
  10. im constantly buffering with these nhsf games. miss half the game. total trash. very poorly called. picture terrible. what is going on. watched the caddo mills game on their app with no problems. this has to be corrected.
  11. That slot-t looks like a herd of squirrels running to the line to play whose got the salami. Would hate to have to watch that all season.
  12. from what i see, the temp will be in the 70's for the game. as has been said earlier, the right gloves can make a ball stick in your hands underwater. throwing may be more the challenge.
  13. praying for those families and friends.
  14. Caddo one of the remaining undefeated teams. Their offense is pass oriented. Just unsure how their competition stacks up. Dominated Van even with those 4 onside kick turnovers. Curious about PG's lines. They are typically very good but I don't know about this year.
  15. anyone have a video of end of this game? lost my internet. apparently at end of game greenwood in victory formation, linebacker busts through and gets fumble. they score and win game.
  16. Going with the Foxes. Big talented senior class.
  17. i watched a playoff game on an app before i got my subscription to nhfs. not sure how that worked.
  18. I'm not sure if Carthage starters have played a full game this year. They gotta be really tired of playing each other.
  19. jasper might be slight favorite but i'll go with the shelby county boys.
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