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  1. Gives hope in Yugatown. We had Mart and Kerens two teams that could play for the ring this yr.
  2. Yuga and O-town in Reg Finals I called it months ago. W A R
  3. Eyeproblem Jenkins knows his role. He will be a great leader for our program. Passion and Intensity, loyalty will not be an issue with the Cayuga coaching staff as long as he is around. Kids would run through walls for these guys. I have watched them coach and we are blessed to have Jenkins and the rest of staff stick around here. I am sure they could moved up to more money and bigger schools. They know how to coach all sports. We are lucky our coaches care enough to get excited.
  4. Cross Roads is good when they beat Maud but when they beat Cayuga or Cayuga beats them then Cross Roads ###. Gimme a freakin break.
  5. The Puppettmaster should relax and enjoy mothers day.
  6. Here we go again. Bulldog, we all know how you feel about Jenkins. You have more than made that clear on this site. My kid played for him and at the time he did'nt appreciate his style. He told me the other day, Dad I now get Coach Jenkins and what he stands for. He had to get a job and enter the real world before it set in. Best thing about Greg in my opinion is he could care the less about what others think, good or bad, he loves his job and the kids. The kids that work will love him, and the kids that dont will whine just like my boy did.
  7. PMaster who in the world would not take the money if the situation were equal? Get over it somebody else will coach you kid and I am sure you will gripe about them for something they did.
  8. If we would have ponied up some more $$ we might coulda made his decision hard. Money talks. We are 1A peeps we will always have hit and run guys and when the talent is down they will move on.
  9. Big Rivalry game and it was heated both ways. Yuga won once, Roads won once, Rd 3 next week. Both groups need to shut up and enjoy the great games.
  10. We got talent in all sports at this time. Like all 1A schools it will cycle, so we will enjoy the ride and then blame others when the talent runs out.
  11. He is real good. I have only seen him toss once this yr. He is special. We are better as a team this year. You guys are the team to beat without a doubt I hear. We are young. 1 Sr starts and we have some talent coming in baseball. Now football is a different story. LOL. I told ya if we face we need to meet up. I aint as crazy as it seems.
  12. Ya u right. But I like goofball lefty pitchers and CJ is just that. Holland is great.
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