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  1. 16-5A Track Final Team Results Girls 1. Huntsville 198 2. Jacksonville 112 3. Lufkin 103 4. Nacogdoches 101 5. Whitehouse 51 6. Tyler 50
  2. 16-5A Track Final Team Results Boys 1. Huntsville 147 2. Lufkin 136 3. Whitehouse 135 4. Nacogdoches 91 5. Jacksonville 50 5. Tyler 50
  3. Lufkin baseball 9-0 over Huntsville. Lufkin softball 17-1 over Nacogdoches
  4. Lufkin won 10-3 over Jacksonville on Thursday night, sweeping the season series 3-0. Lufkin pitching gave up 1 hit in 14 innings this week, a few too many walks in the 3rd last night, otherwise pitching depth is a strong position for Lufkin. Whitehouse won over Nacogdoches 6-4 to sweep their series with the Dragons. This leaves Lufkin and Whitehouse tied for the district lead at 6-1.
  5. Lufkin boys soccer defeats Corsicana 4-2 and will play Nacogdoches in the 3rd round. The two have already played twice in district, should be a great matchup. Lufkin baseball no hit Jacksonville 9-0, while WH pulled out a 2-1 win over Nacogdoches in Nac. This 16-5A has three really good baseball teams. Lufkin Girls softball won 16-1 in 3 innings over Tyler High.
  6. Mavchamp, I want to Thank You for doing such a great job of keeping up with the 5A records and information for 16-5A, 15-5A, 7-5A and 8-5A were they all apply during the year. It's a hard and thankless job sometimes. I have to also throw in Lobofan07 for the stuff he does on the football season side of things too. it's hard work and a lot of hours just to do this on a one team level. I can't imagine trying to do this for multiples of teams. Thanks again to both of you.
  7. You will enjoy playing in New Caney. Very nice stadium.
  8. Lufkin defeated Jacksonville 74-67 tonight. Panthers clinched a playoff spot and move to 5-4 in district with the win. Nacogdoches defeated Whitehouse tonight 44-32.
  9. Lufkin girls soccer lost 1-0 to # 10ranked Jacksonville girls.
  10. I'm pulling for Crosby because they have never won a Championship. Aledo has enough for now. Plus I think Crosby has had the much tougher playoff road. To beat 4 unbeaten teams who were ranked higher than Crosby is a story in itself. Aledo is good but they are not the Aledo of the past few years talent wise, this will be a good game and I'm hoping Crosby can bring home their first Championship. I'm pulling for the underdog in this one. Aledo can make the record books another day.
  11. We went to that game. Westlake D was as advertised, very disciplined and good tackling.. They are a well coached team. GPNS had all the size and speed, it was evident on several occasions. Two great teams and great coaching staffs playing chess all afternoon. Westlake had got three TO and enough stops and made NS go long fields most of the day. It was a great game to watch when you didn't have a dog in the hunt.
  12. Since Lufkin has been brought into this conversation. Lufkin has a similar problem traditionally playing Nacogdoches every year. The difference with Lufkin football now, is we have almost retro graded down to the playing level of Nacogdoches. Most fans in Lufkin are tired of playing Longview and Nacogdoches regularly. We too would like to see fresher opponent or two in non district, just for something different. The issue may be the associations that Lufkin, Longview and Nacogdoches have playing each other in the Middle School football. it's very convenient and it also promotes the rea
  13. John King could have his choice of almost any head coaching job in Texas or Louisiana. He is highly regarded in both of those States.
  14. Your wrong, the underachieving title in East Texas belongs to Lufkin. We are quite consistent in that area.
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