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  1. Hoping we are back to some semblance of normal by the end of May. However, my money says that none of this will happen until much later, if at all. According to the CDC, these virus restrictions will not go away until 60% of the United States population has reach the immunity stage for COVID-19. In other words, survived it. Social distancing of 6 ft apart and gatherings will not be held for a long while yet. Maybe June or July?? We will know better where things may stand after the next 2 or 3 weeks and not before, the next two will be the worst yet. My honest opinion is our football season will look much different than we have ever known it in our life times, no matter your age. We as a people will not be the same on the other side of this thing I assure you. Stay safe and healthy all.
  2. Yes, 7 PM for games is correct. The coaches from District 8-5A DI voted for 7 pm or 7:30 pm kick off times. All but Lufkin voted for 7 PM.
  3. If there is anyone that can stop SS Hall from scoring, I want to see them. Big 6'8" agile freight train.
  4. Sulphur Springs 78 Lufkin 55 FINAL Too much height by SS ( 6'7"and 6'8") and inability for Lufkin to block out for any rebounds. Da Da Hall with 34 points for SS.
  5. Lancaster defeats the Lufkin Lady Pack in Tyler tonight 72 - 44
  6. Lufkin did their best down the stretch to blow that 12 point lead. Five straight stops by Marshall and missed front end of free throws was almost the Panthers downfall. However, they hung on made a clutch three and a couple free throws in the end for the win but not because Marshall didn't try to take it from them.
  7. Stay safe. I have a couple of downhill memories from several years ago at Winter Park I had rather forget. The Fraser ice hill with your kids in 2 degree weather is adventurous too. Have fun.
  8. Very well said. I would be more concerned with lack of overall playoff success than why we were not winning a State Title every year, because the best team really doesn't win many times. You see the huge playoff games in the 2nd and 3rd rounds now between top 5 teams in their classification. Everything Mavchamp said and more. Getting mad about not winning a SC every 2 or 3 years will absolutely kill your love of high school football itself, if that's all that matters to you.
  9. Should be a good game that will mean a little more to Marshall than Lufkin. Lufkin has the 3rd playoff seed locked up no matter what happens in the game. Maybe a little incentive game for Lufkin , but nothing more. I'm shining up my whistle as we speak. LOL Personally I don't believe Lufkin gets as much home cooking these days as they once did IMO. Especially on the football field, we must not be paying the kitty like we use to do. Also, it will be Senior night for Lufkin and will be the last game played at the Panther Gym located on the Middle School campus since the 1982. They will be moving into their new 2100 seat digs next season, being built right behind the Abe Martin scoreboard, when I say behind, I mean only 8 feet behind. Either way, win or lose, it will be a great game to get both teams ready for the playoffs.
  10. Lufkin wins over Hallsville 56-49 Hallsville made 10 - 3 pt shots on the night, 6 in the 4th quarter. Hallsville has a bunch of tall players.
  11. Marshall Boys 53-47 over Hallsville 58-50 PT over Jacksonville
  12. 16-5A girls basketball: Lufkin 50, John Tyler 25, final. 16-5A boys basketball: Lufkin 75, John Tyler 61, final.
  13. Lufkin Girls 60-26 over Pine Tree Lufkin Boys 52-32 over Pine Tree
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