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  1. Magnolia is 7-1. Lost to Katy Tompkins 24-21, 1st game of the year, after being down 24-0 at half. Beat College Station 27 - 16, after being down 16- 7 at half. Beat Lufkin 26-24, after they were down 17-7 at half. They are a little bit like Longview, they like to pound the rock and they have a shifty little QB who play fakes about as well as anyone I've ever seen.
  2. No guarantees getting healthy will make our two district losses any better.
  3. Not going to pick scores for other districts teams that I don't follow. Some though will be big winners this week like Highland Park, Longview , Crandall, Pine Tree and Ennis. District 8-5A DI could be an interesting and competitive race down the stretch. This is probably not the week. New Caney Vs. Lufkin- Lufkin - Both need the win to keep playoff hopes alive. I was surprised by NC losing at home to CS 49-7. Lufkin is playing better after getting most of their injured folks back. This could be a very good game, Lufkin wins by a couple of scores. Magnolia West Vs. Waller
  4. That is an interesting move, since that would have still given you time to play Lufkin, on Saturday if necessary. Lufkin just made the deal with Nederland on Monday. ???? Much shorter drive too. Oh well, we'll deal with it next year.
  5. https://www.yourconroenews.com/neighborhood/moco/sports/article/FOOTBALL-New-Caney-RB-Reescano-is-The-15603921.php New Caney RB Kedrick Reescano had 166 yards on 16 carries against Marshall. He is the Conroe Couriers Player of the week. New Caney outgain Marshall 405-349 in total yards
  6. Very nice. The entry is better. Awesome press box upgrade. The new turf is nice, everyone seems to have the turf now. Even noticed the State Championship signs on the south side of the stadium. Always thought Rose was a great place to play a game, still do.
  7. May not?, if we don't fix some things, we could have a tough time defeating Magnolia West and College Station on the road and even Magnolia at home.
  8. Lufkin is going to be fine. Those two RBs over at Tyler Legacy are legit, Donnell and Miller will be hard to stop this year. Someone may stop one, but won't stop both. Marshall has a good test at home this week with Longview. Best of luck to the Mavs.
  9. They sure need to play somebody after the shellacking they took last Friday. Quick said in the paper he had 3 or 4 possibilities, he would know early this week if anything will be done. They still may be in shock for all I know.
  10. I watched this game and there is no way to analyze away how the first game of the season went for Tyler H., and the fact this game was in Tyler and not Texarkana. I thought one big difference was the Texas H offensive and defensive lines, they were huge, Tyler only had a couple of guys with any size. Texas H is legit.
  11. In other 7-5A non district games, Sherman is getting RUN in the ground by Denison 41-23 in the 4th.
  12. Well, Lufkin has 3 or 4 options to play a replacement team, either a 5A or 6A opponent in place of Nacogdoches. Probably will lose our home game and need to meet half way to play the game on that Friday night , Oct 2nd. Coach Quick said he will announce opponent next Tuesday or Wednesday.
  13. The thing about Lufkin these days, is the psychology surrounding things. My support and following of the program has not changed much. There was a day several years back now, that wherever you went to watch Lufkin, you knew they had an above average chance to win, before they ever stepped off the bus. They had swagger. That's no longer the case and it reflects on fans being not sure about things, like myself and Pack007. In fact, since Quick took over eight years ago, we have absorb some unexpected defeats at HOME, to people like THW, Longivew , BWB, Ennis and Texas High. It just never h
  14. Pigskin Prep having Lufkin a 6 point favorite on the road is crazy predicting. Not sure his formula works every time.
  15. Pigskin Prep has Tyler High a 5 point favorite over Texas High.
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