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  1. I'm pulling for Crosby because they have never won a Championship. Aledo has enough for now. Plus I think Crosby has had the much tougher playoff road. To beat 4 unbeaten teams who were ranked higher than Crosby is a story in itself. Aledo is good but they are not the Aledo of the past few years talent wise, this will be a good game and I'm hoping Crosby can bring home their first Championship. I'm pulling for the underdog in this one. Aledo can make the record books another day.
  2. We went to that game. Westlake D was as advertised, very disciplined and good tackling.. They are a well coached team. GPNS had all the size and speed, it was evident on several occasions. Two great teams and great coaching staffs playing chess all afternoon. Westlake had got three TO and enough stops and made NS go long fields most of the day. It was a great game to watch when you didn't have a dog in the hunt.
  3. Since Lufkin has been brought into this conversation. Lufkin has a similar problem traditionally playing Nacogdoches every year. The difference with Lufkin football now, is we have almost retro graded down to the playing level of Nacogdoches. Most fans in Lufkin are tired of playing Longview and Nacogdoches regularly. We too would like to see fresher opponent or two in non district, just for something different. The issue may be the associations that Lufkin, Longview and Nacogdoches have playing each other in the Middle School football. it's very convenient and it also promotes the rea
  4. John King could have his choice of almost any head coaching job in Texas or Louisiana. He is highly regarded in both of those States.
  5. Your wrong, the underachieving title in East Texas belongs to Lufkin. We are quite consistent in that area.
  6. How far have we fallen? Off the cliff and off the radar. There is little hope of Lufkin being where Longview was today in the near future. Good year Lobos.
  7. I had changed it after looking at bracket.
  8. Lufkin defeated Nederland on the road very early in the year 31-28. It was Nederland's first game, they had roughed up PA Memorial the week before in their scrimmage. They were also without a couple starters because of COVID quarantine. Lufkin lost Caleb Berry at halftime to a concussion. The Bulldogs bring the hat. One thing about them is they never quit coming at you, they are physical on both sides of the ball and are well coached. It took a 4th down stop by Lufkin inside our 20 with .30 sec left to secure that game.
  9. Texas High got some several personal foul penalties and a player or two ejected in the 2nd half. The Branch kid for Crosby was dynamic.
  10. Where have you been? 6A and 5A started a month later than everyone else.
  11. Hard to make anything out of this game when Lufkin is a 19 point underdog. No matter how you spin it or want it to mean something relative to past battles. Enough negatives have been said this year and last year to sink a ship, the bottom line is I can't do anything about those perceived rights and wrongs of the program. Except I've been in the stands watching these kids all year through all the ups and downs, so I'm not going to stop now, I'm still pulling for them because the players have had to battle through a lot this year. I hope they play their best game of the year.
  12. Trap game?? LOL I know with the long rivalry, there is a need to make this being a playoff game more important, but this is not the year.
  13. Please someone explain to me what happen to Marshall, thought they had great potential this year. Was it injuries?
  14. Yep. Payback come with doing that stuff. I know someone who was at that game and said they were driving, and ran out of time trying to break 100 and were disappointed they didn't. College Station 72-0, Lufkin 58-0 and Magnolia 56-0 . At some point you just need to run the clock out in a game like that and go home.
  15. I have know that for years now. Never a comforting thought when playing at Lobo. HP just found out how tough it is with their first trip into the Green Zone.
  16. Yea, I knew you were in jest. IF our game is at Lobo or even with HP. You will be lucky to see 150 Lufkin fans make the trip this year. Mostly players parents and family. About as uneven a football year as one can describe for Lufkin. Back to the Longview and Tyler High topic.
  17. Waller???, ROFL, what a lame comparison to Longview. The truth is, Waller could give Lufkin a game of it. However, trying to make a possible game in Lobo meaningful to Lobo fans is the issue here. I'm afraid you will be disappointed, because this year would not compare to any of our past rival games. I don't know one single Lufkin fan that believe the Panthers have a punchers chance in Longview this year.
  18. Don't raise this up to more than it really is, Comon' Man! Lufkin is a team without it's star RB Caleb Berry, just trying find any combination of consistency. Caney Creek won't do it for you.
  19. I started laughing when I read that. Geez, the scenarios people try to create. No need to spin anything this year.
  20. Lufkin has only played two home games this year, where they are 1-1, losing to Magnolia 26-24 and OT 13-7 win over New Caney. Six road games and a home forfeit by Cleveland. It is what it is, it has been a crazy year, but those kids have been road tested. Lufkin is an early 21 point favorite for this Friday. Guess we will find out soon enough, nothing has been normal for Lufkin this year.
  21. Correct. It would come down to points, then head to head with the final two standing.
  22. Magnolia is 7-1. Lost to Katy Tompkins 24-21, 1st game of the year, after being down 24-0 at half. Beat College Station 27 - 16, after being down 16- 7 at half. Beat Lufkin 26-24, after they were down 17-7 at half. They are a little bit like Longview, they like to pound the rock and they have a shifty little QB who play fakes about as well as anyone I've ever seen.
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