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  1. I totally agree JoeKane. I have been an official for 14 years and I have been blessed to work the biggest HS games the state has to offer and worked a small college mens schedule for about 6 years. The biggest complaint from coaches is consistency and if officials will work hard, communicate, execute their mechanics properly, and be strong in their coverage area HS refs will really improve. The only thing I disagree with you about is "controlling" the game. Officials should oversee the game and let the game come to them not reach for things cause that puts their co-officials, players, and coaches in limbo and makes it impossible for them to adjust to the officiating style.
  2. It is not all the refs fault. Coaches teach many things that dirty up the game. Such as chinning the ball, bumping cutters, hedging, and setting screens outside their body which all leads to more contact. Offense is just as guilty of initiating contact than the defense.
  3. Where did the former boys bb coach go?
  4. The kids are never the problem in a place like that, its more the parents and community. What is the definition of successful? Making the playoffs when they take 3 teams? I think no. Correct me if I am wrong but the wildcats have never been past the 3 round and they only reached the 3rd round once. I wish Lester luck, but I think anybody will struggle there. JMO
  5. I wish Coach Lester the best. Rains will be a hard place to be successful. JMO
  6. I have seen Coach Hawkins coach many times. I have never seen him be "disrespectful" to his players, coaches, or officials. The man works hard and yes demands a lot from his players. The girls must be okay with the way he coaches because they keep coming back year after year.
  7. I have been around Coach Hawkins a few times and he was able to get the most out of his players which many coaches in all sports struggle to do. He might be leaving Winnsboro but I think we might see him again really soon working the sideline. JMO. Whatever he decides to do I wish him good luck.
  8. Great stuff guys especially the one about the officials being jealous cause they can't dunk.
  9. What makes you think that I am not taking it easy? I just think you exaggerated some of the events. Such as hanging from the rim and looking up in the stands and at the bench. The kid might have grasped the rim and dropped down there was no ball involved just a kid being a kid. Nothing unsportsmanlike whatsoever. If the officials would have assessed a technical foul in that situation it would of ruined a great game. JMO
  10. I never said anyone did. I was just stating the obvious. My post was more a reply about him talking to the officials. Dude.
  11. I think the coach at MM does an excellent job. If he is not working the officials in a Regional-Quarterfinal game then he is not doing everything he can to win the game. He is a class coach who gets more out of his kids than any bb coach I have been around. Congrats on a great year MM and Coach Moore.
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