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  1. Many of the "successful" football programs in East TX have kids move in (defined very loosely) every year.
  2. Good luck to Coach Angel - glad he is back
  3. I've been wondering about EF. I didn't realize they were that young last year.
  4. Good hire for Maud
  5. Hooker would have to have a lot of support considering how well they did when he was there. Pretty popular guy with the players there too from what I'm told
  6. This is looking impressive!
  7. I have not continued to bash anyone. Guru suggested I had a vendetta and I just stated I didn't and that coaches should do their homework. I also never said the HC leaving was about the supt. Touchy are we?
  8. No vendetta, just know a bit about him. Didn't say he didn't like or want to keep the HC, just do your homework. Everyone gets an opinion
  9. This place has been quiet.
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