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  1. They will raise the cutoff to just above Highland Park, as always.
  2. Correction! I read that wrong! I DO think he has a good shot at being the starter!
  3. Dekalen Taylor put on a show last week! Fairchild will be a force on D!
  4. Yeah but I wanted every Lobo Fan that has to pay to watch the game tomorrow to know it too! And if it ends up not making a difference this year, next year it might!
  5. HP must not have gotten the memo! I clicked on it and am watching it for free!
  6. 07, One truth doesn't preclude the other! Or so I have been told about myself!
  7. Just saw that Highland Park has a link for streaming of their game tonight against New Caney. Does that mean our game can be broadcast on Youtube like our other home games?
  8. I dont see the stream link for tonight. KETK.com mentions it but no link.
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