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  1. timpsons playmakers get a lot of credit but their line deserves some too,probably the best in the district along with shelbevilles d line
  2. got to go with timpson with the score about like last time. garrisons d has improved but offence not so much. think coach t pulls his starters when he gets up pretty good and rest them for the regional final. no sense playing if u are ahead enough, reps don't meen anything now. my dogs might surprise me but they have gotten better and got some time on the field with the freshmen and sophmores
  3. yes they were in district . then it was all together 1 went big school the other 2 went small school. 2 state champions and a regional finalist says it was a tough one for shure
  4. might have been the whiskey i don't know
  5. i think garrisons 7th grade came to tatum. how did that game go
  6. garrison 8th grade played brownsboros 8th grade a and won 16-14
  7. so you cancel the 7th 8th and jv but not the varsity? why
  8. believe i would go watch timpson vs shelbyville . timpson dang tough out this year
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