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  1. To be fair, the reports of mistreatment are only allegations at this point. And it can be tricky to draw a line between abuse and tough coaching. However, BCG did receive a reprimand back in January for confirmed violation of NCAA practice time limits. And presumably, was put on a short leash. It doesn't look good for BCG.
  2. Tuberville. On the basis that he is probably the most likely to be fired this year if expectations aren't met. Barring complete disaster, I don't think any of the others would be let go so quickly.
  3. It is my understanding that the WAC holds the rights to the game and ESPN was proposing to broadcast it on LHN. Tech wants nothing to do with LHN. Though you say they were not forced, it certainly seems they had little say in the matter. Apparently they felt their only option for avoiding LHN was to cancel the game. They had no plans to schedule a replacement, rather they were prepared to play an 11-game season if necessary (a bit extreme in my opinion). I have no idea what Tech stood to gain on the broadcast fee for this game. However, Texas St. is not one of the bigger games on the schedule. Also, unless I missed something, LHN is still not very widely available. Therefore, while the wisdom of Tech's position regarding LHN could be debated, I don't see that they stood to lose a great deal by cancelling (except perhaps a much needed win). Tech fans are pleased that the AD took a stand in which principle trumps payout.
  4. I believe you will find that most of college football employs a playoff system.
  5. I don't think you have any worries about a player sitting out. That doesn't even happen much in "Stubid NCAA Bsasketball" - where teams only play hard enough to make the playoffs (according to some).
  6. Schools that don't want to be in the same conference as their intra-state rivals? Never heard of such thing!
  7. If no one separates himself, give it to the guy who has some experience and has paid his dues
  8. No, failure would be sitting on your third tier rights rather than trying to market them.
  9. Kentucky beat Kansas. Period. It would take a B12-SEC challenge or at least some kind of all-star game to even attempt to support the claim you are trying to make.
  10. In football, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Boise State and Houston all suffered single ruinous losses as well. It's nearly impossible to structure the regular or post-season of any sport in such a way that a given loss is not potentially devastating. I agree that 4 teams is a step in the right direction; probably should be more. Many leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, some HS districts) qualify approximately 50% of teams for the post-season. This is overkill in my opinion and cheapens the regular season. In D1 football on the other hand, the regular season counts for everything as only 2 teams qualify for the post-season. From a statistical/mathematical perspective, I don't think 12 games each x 120 teams is a large enough sample to eliminate all but two teams - especially when schedules cannot possibly be balanced. For most sports leagues, somewhere between 1.7% (D1 football) and 50% of teams making the playoffs is the right answer. The exact number would depend on size of the league, length of season, etc.
  11. These results are clearly due to the rampant oversigning by SEC schools. (Joking.)
  12. I'm sure stranger things have happened, but my guess is that it's pretty rare for a #78 RPI team to get an at-large berth. I think it's win the SEC tournament or NIT.
  13. I don't particularly have a problem with it, but I am curious if this option is available to the other conference schools. Can K State reserve the 2nd weekend in October as a perpetual home game? UT always wants to be home at Thanksgiving (don't we all). And they also want to be in Dallas during the State Fair. Or was that OU's request? Seems like it will be difficult to accommodate everybody.
  14. Are you familiar with the concept of oversigning? Can you name some of the national leaders in this practice? Or the leading conference? Breaking a commitment? It's a two-way street.
  15. Odd. It was my understanding that A&M officially remains a member of the B12 until sometime this summer. Perhaps the B12 should respond in kind: 1) remove the A&M men's and women's basketball teams from the conference tournaments and 2) remove the baseball, softball and men's and women's tennis teams from conference competition.
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