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  1. Mineola tied the game at 26 with two minutes left. White Oak was unable to answer in regulation. The Yellow Jackets win in OT.
  2. What a well thought-out response....for a six-year old. Yep....too bad that we got saddled with burnt orange....when we could have had a really ORIGINAL color like maroon. Give me the burnt orange any day of the week. Take your glasses off, pal. You boys in maroon will be playing catch-up with UT for the rest of your lives. And keep wearing that Peter Principle t-shirt. It looks good on you!
  3. This is a Jefferson/Farmersville thread, so this is all I’ll post. With the continued “second-guessing” about the Bulldog loss to White Oak, a response is merited. You’re right...you do seem pretty fond of the “if” word.... MAYBE....the Jefferson STAFF saw some things you didn’t see in the WO game. MAYBE....the Roughnecks made some adjustments after the Bulldog’s early success on the ground. If I’m wrong, well..... MAYBE....the Jefferson staff will get you a set of headphones for the Farmersville game. MAYBE...not.
  4. An update on an earlier post for White Oak Football broadcasts.....Roughneck Radio is now on the TuneIn Radio app that you can download for free from both Apple and Google Play. Once you have it, search for WOHS-Roughneck Radio. The audio player on our homepage, roughneckradio.net, is another option. Follow us on Twitter for updates. Thanks!
  5. Roughneck Radio will carry White Oak High School's games this year. Join us on your smartphones and computers. We're on the TuneIn Radio app, or go to roughneckradio.net and access the audio player on our homepage. Game times are 7:30, and we hit the air at 7:00. http://www.roughneckradio.net/
  6. Game at Emory-Rains (Rains HS) on Friday night, November 18th, at 7:30. The info I've seen has WO as the home team. Play-by-play on Roughneck Radio, the WOHS campus station. On the Internet at tiny.cc/roughneckradio.
  7. If you can't be at the game, listen in on Roughneck Radio. The WOHS campus station will broadcast the match-up beginning at 6:40 Thursday night. Join us online at tiny.cc/roughneckradio.
  8. Terrell was an impressive venue. Really nice press box area.
  9. Join Roughneck Radio for the play-by-play of the game beginning at 7:10 Friday night. The Internet address is tiny.cc/roughneckradio, or you can use the audio player at roughneckradio.net.
  10. So "WO fans can keep telling themselves how good their team is?" Really? WO supports their team, just as you do yours.... and are no less excited than you would be. They have a record that they should feel proud of. Perhaps you should dial your sensitivity meter down a bit. So happy to know you'll still be cheering for your team, though!
  11. For those not able to attend the game, White Oak High School's Internet radio station will broadcast the action on Friday night. A couple of students in the WO radio class will be doing the play-by-play. Go to roughneckradio.net and use the player that's installed there. Pre-game starts at 7:15 from Roughneck Stadium.
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