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  1. Terrance Ganaway from DeKalb went to Houston then followed Briles to Baylor then to NY Jets
  2. Bunch of crystal balls on 247 have Casey Thompson leaning to UT. Horns going all in on him. He is #5 dual threat QB in nation out of Moore OK.
  3. Heard rumor that he might be transferring and new coach getting rid of all Briles Staff
  4. yes this was biggie. Isn't wall and Canadian in same district Thought for sure Manvel was state bound
  5. Besides Arp over Newton, Atascocitia over Northshore and Temple over Manvel
  6. Jefferson has always had athletes, but undisplined.
  7. Get beat by Maud and then beat Hooks with about 2 or 3 division I prospects, Go figure,
  8. Wouldn't count on Tech we go to Lubbock.We are not road team. Wouldn't count on Tech we go to Lubbock.We are not road team.
  9. Rockets int pass in end zone. Got it showed up
  10. rockets31/ Clemens 24 and they are on ROCKETS 17 W/ 51 SEC LEFT
  11. 69 was good year for rock. Hendrix, Steppenwolf, Cream, TYA was hittin few licks, Pearl was still around. We had Humble Pie and Rod was rockin back then.
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