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  1. Don't overlook the Henderson boys. They will be an extremely tough out. They were absolutely dominant over Chapel Hill.
  2. Girls Henderson 3:1 Chapel Hill Boys Henderson 5:1 Chapel Hill
  3. Heading to Whitehouse tonight to catch the 4A Henderson/Chapel Hill match up. Both girls and boys teams are playing.
  4. BOYS Hallsville 4:2 Nacogdoches GIRLS Lukfin 2:1 Pine Tree
  5. Post your scores here. I plan to head to Chapel Hill to watch Nacogdoches/Hallsville match at 6:30.
  6. Submit all your scores here as they come in. Please remember to specify boys or girls, teams, location, and final score. 15-5A has received the most attention on here, but feel free to include other district contests, as well. (Can anyone confirm how points are awarded for wins and OT matches in 15-5A?) In 15-5A, Mt. Pleasant and Hallsville lead the boys side, while Pine Tree and Texas High lead the girls side by virtue of goals scored/allowed. Some good games are on the schedule for tonight -- don't forget to update when you get a final score!
  7. Sorry about that--duplicated the boys' score.
  8. District 15-5A Girls: Hallsville 0 @ Texas High 4 Longview 5 @ Greenville 0 Marshall 1 @ Pine Tree 4 Sulphur Springs 1 @ Mt. Pleasant 0 Boys: Texas High 0 @ Hallsville 2 Greenville 0 @ Longview 1 Pine Tree 2 @ Marshall 3 Mt. Pleasant 4 @ Sulphur Springs 0
  9. When you get a final score, please post it to this thread. Please remember to include teams, location, boys or girls, and final score.
  10. Apologies if you thought I was bombarding the thread, debragga. I was guessing at it in my original post, but wanted confirmation.
  11. Was the MP boys game in MP or Texarkana?
  12. Here are a few additional scores, posted in the newspapers for Longview and Sulphur Springs: 15-5A Boys: Hallsville 3 @ Longview 2 (OT) Pine Tree 4 @ Greenville 0 Marshall 0 @ Sulphur Springs 3 Texas High 0 @ Mt. Pleasant 5 15-5A Girls: Greenville 0 @ Pine Tree 6 Sulphur Springs 3 @ Marshall 1 Longview 0 @ Hallsville 0 (Longview wins in penalties) Mt. Pleasant 0 @ Texas High 8
  13. I know that district contests begin for tonight for many teams. Let's try to use this post as a master thread for scores from tonight's action. When posting a score, be sure to note the teams, whether it is a boy's or girl's match, and the final score. Best of luck to all the teams! Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!
  14. gtownkeeper


    Anyone have any updates re: Hallsville or Pine Tree?
  15. Here's a link to the Longview News-Journal article concerning the new enrollment numbers. This shakeup could bring about some new rivalries and better competition... and maybe (hopefully?) that new division for which we've all been advocating! http://www.news-journal.com/etvarsity/high_school/new-uil-classification-cutoff-numbers-let-the-speculation-begin/article_eca829ec-5b7d-11e3-89cf-0019bb2963f4.html
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