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  1. What is the difference from old and new??
  2. backnine


    "AWESOME" I'm speechless also!!!!
  3. I went to Buffalo Creek in Rockwall paid $26.00 with cart after 3:00...Awesome course, beautiful surroundings.
  4. During summer (no car) We would roam around town on bicycles most of the day, parents were at work. We played wiffle ball, football, and basketball. Get back home around 7pm eat, go right back outside... till heard parents calling you home. (Football season) 2 a days started @ 7am on field practice till round 9:30-10:00. Go home come back @ 3pm go in classrooms for chalkboard talk till round 5pm. Go to field practice, run gassers till 7:30-8:00. Everyone complained but I would do it all over again if I could. Those were the days! We had the hottest summer ever recorded during those years. I say leave it where it is football belongs in the fall. State Fairs and everything!!!
  5. Ya Texas was not patient early in the game LSU pitcher couldn't throw breaking ball for a strike. They kept chasing fastball out of the zone. Relief pitching has been there all year just didn't really have a good series overall. Great year for the horns tho... It ain't over till its over!!!! GO HORNS!!!!
  6. They talked like Green would pitch Game 3... That is going to be tough on him with such short rest! I think they have alot of pitching depth only to use a few over and over. But that is why they pay Augie the big bucks. Lets hope it all pays off in Game 3. Hook' em Bring home #7 baby!!!
  7. Texas 5 LSU 3 after 6 complete... TEXAS !!!FIGHT!!! Lets go horns!!!
  8. Not looking for Sulphur Springs to be that strong... Lost some key players at key positions.
  9. Congratulations to a great group of kids! Gettin the tradition started again!!! Carthage Bulldogs State Champions!!!
  10. congratulations Texas High :notworthy: you guys were awesome!!!
  11. congratulations texas high
  12. Backing TH and PG all the way! Good Luck to both teams!
  13. Would be awesome to see a Carthage vs Pleasant Grove (Championship Game) Don't know who I would pull for in this situation? Probably PG
  14. So Carthage won in 2 games? Good Luck Bulldogs!!!
  15. What is this nation coming to? It seems like we are in a time warp... or something. First Electing BHO as president, now everyday it is something new. We need to wake up out of this dream (nightmare)!
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