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  1. Carthage and Gilmer will probably play again unless a huge upset. This QB from Carthage has an absolute cannon of an arm. He will go d-2 if nota small d-1.
  2. Plugs....Dumber than Carter and GW bush. That's hard to do.
  3. Welcome to judgement day Plugs and his followers.
  4. Biden: Tax-funded research can use aborted babies
  5. I vote Pippen. I mean look at the pedigree. #pipster
  6. This can't be made up. He wins the biggest tournament of the year and Plugs screws it up. WATCH: BIDEN CALLS 29-YEAR-OLD MASTERS CHAMP HIDEKI MATSUYAMA ‘JAPANESE BOY’ Anyone that agrees with his policies should be horse whipped and hung in the middle of the square in which he lives in.
  7. Him and Bo struggle with comprehension. Barry is smart but, always dead wrong.
  8. Amazing when someone is right (as always) against him he resorts to name calling in which usually is a curse word. That's when you know you've been out smarted once again.
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