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  1. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

    Glad too see you back Waggle
  2. Sportsfanatic1

    Fizz Ranks 4A Dynasties

    I would agree
  3. Sportsfanatic1

    Fizz Ranks 4A Dynasties

    All BS aside, Argyle is always gonna get the rankings love. Probably has something to do with being around the DFW area. Just like Celina does most years.
  4. Sportsfanatic1

    Fizz Ranks 4A Dynasties

    Naw, it's just fun to have something to watch year around as a "sports" guy.
  5. Sportsfanatic1

    Fizz Ranks 4A Dynasties

    If your any kind of sports guy you take a look at ALL sports. JMO!
  6. Sportsfanatic1

    Fizz Ranks 4A Dynasties

  7. Sportsfanatic1

    Fizz Ranks 4A Dynasties

    Now send an email and ask them who the "best" overall program is ? Lone star cup standings etc. Freakin hilarious a thread would be started on this. DUDE, it's not all about football!!!!!!!!
  8. Sportsfanatic1

    Dave Campbell preseason top 10 4a d1 & d2

    What position does the Cobb kid play?
  9. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

    So did OU to Bama! Now, which was has been the better team since?
  10. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

  11. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

    No. DTRump will never dispute you. I admit I'm not as smart. but, I like my football!
  12. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

    Lion made over. Just better at spelling
  13. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

    That's what Im saying. Bama got beat by Okla. The same thing was said about Bama.
  14. Sportsfanatic1

    Conference Realignment?

    No doubt he has VERY high expectations.