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  1. Ratings show liberal network’s audience flat while Fox News, others grow
  2. Florida pastor arrested after holding church services despite coronavirus orders And I just read where one got arrested in Central,La.
  3. Lawmakers Move To Rescind Stimulus For Kennedy Center ...
  4. Bottom line is Trump is not a politician like the media and the dems from Washington would rather have. That's why he got elected and will prolly get re-elected. Just don't see sleepy Joe beating him.
  5. They will have to screw Hillary and Slick Willie in the ground when they go to bury them.
  6. Dang, I didn't think I would ever get scrolled down to the bottom of the page lol
  7. John Kerry: GOP lawmaker against coronavirus package 'tested positive for being an ---hole' | TheHill
  8. After all, it was linked from yahoo. Just a horrible site to get any news that has validity to it.
  9. UIL still holding out hope to play again in 2020
  10. I promise I don't get testy when I know I'm right
  11. Read the dam WHO transcripts dude. How dumb can someone be?
  12. Name them please. They are not shutdown. Delayed? Sure. But you cannot do that unless it comes from the top. I'm a school board member. Sorry but that is #fakenews
  13. And he was listening to the WHO the whole time like any POTUS would. So libs your just like your liberal news sites your lying when you quote these liberal links that it takes awhile to gather what you like for your lib agenda. #landslide2020Trump #getleftoutbynotjoningtrumptrain2020
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