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  1. So they just playing this game for fun or what?
  2. Pretty low spot for both teams this year considering few years ago both were pretty good. Sad for the battle of 259.
  3. anybody have a website or list of schools looking for games due to cancellations?
  4. Gotta love the life of a coach, Most people don't think that being a Coach/Teacher is their job. Being a coach is, i assume, the only real job that you could HAVE to change jobs every 3 to 4 years because someone that is NOT a Coach or doesn't have a clue about the profession can have you be removed from that job. Coaches have to be politically correct in everything they do, and try to maintain a balance between home life and public life. Coaches win a high percentage of the time on TALENT alone. (I didnt say 100%) I have seen teams go from 0-10, 0-10 to 8-2, 9-1, back to 0-10 with t
  5. did this game just stop or what. update anyone
  6. What time does White Oak play on Saturday?
  7. Union Grove 7th Grade beat Hawkins 16-6
  8. Is LC still not playing basketball this year??
  9. Nov 29th has been filled othe 2 dates still open
  10. Union Grove Varsity and JV Boys basketball have three open dates we are trying to fill. November 18th home or away November 29 Home December 13th Home. Please contact Coach Jones [email protected] Thanks
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