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  1. Cool34, That is why they won state, Big offensive line a Big defensive line. That line made holes you could drive a bus through. I sure wish we could have played the Alto game last year. Lots of good players for both teams missed out on a good matchup.
  2. I will take Brookhill by 10. Even though they have already been stuck by the injury bug and will be down a few starters.
  3. 75 overall pick by the Braves, From Brookhill to Texas A&M, now Atlanta Braves. Good Job young man.
  4. Rain chances have gone from 90% to 50%...but of course no one can predict mother nature. Rain or shine BH is my pick. 44 hours till game time. GATA. Go Guard.
  5. Brookhill 3 Central Heights 2 in 11 innings. 4 hour game.
  6. Brookhill has Edgewood Alto Teneha. I would give Brookhill and A+ for scheduling quality teams.
  7. Brookhill has Queen City, Teneha and Alto.
  8. Just looking at old post an I would like to say we are proud to have coach Mahaffey at Brookhill. He has been a great addition to the staff.
  9. Brookhill Vs. Ft Worth Christian should be a great game.
  10. I live in Jacksonville and my opinion of the state of Jacksonville football. It is not the coaches fault or the players. Jacksonville has some great kids and I do not know the coaches but I do know the kids. I think they are trying to put together a 4A football team with a 2A pool of players to choose from. The hispanic population in Jacksonville I believe is the majority now, and most of the hispanics do not play football. Just my opinion.
  11. Average boys enrollment is how Tapps determined Football this year. Here are the total for Tyler area teams. Brookhill-106 All Saints-135 Gorman-130 Grace-161 Should be some great games in all sports in the Tyler area the next couple of years.
  12. You missed it by a few 24-22. Great Game.
  13. February 7 or 8th. contact Brock Lemire. 903-894-5000.
  14. No weather was not a factor in the penalties....like you said one was a really good player...one of there best assets but no self control.
  15. Not exaggerated at all. The refs only called about half of the one that's should have been called. The coaches were all over the players who committed the one that were called. But would not bench them for more than a play or two. I don't know how brookhill players kept their composer as long as they did. A couple players finally got tired of being hit 5 seconds after the whistle. Spring hill has some good athletes that play hard and play like sportsmen...but a handful of them need a attitude adjustment.
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