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  1. Yep, Faust was to the Irish as John Blake was to the Sooners!
  2. Reading this thread, and as a Sooner fan, I am bemused by regaleagle's advocacy of Todd Dodge. Big winner at the high school level? YES, absolutely! At the NCAA level? Not so much. Huge difference from high school to the big boys... Does the name Gerry Faust ring a bell? Hint: he was a renowned high school coach at legendary (at the time) Moeller High School in Cincinnati back in the 60s and 70s. OK, here is the link on Faust. Yeah, Horn fans, I wholeheartedly think that ya oughtta hire Dodge! He might even duplicate Sherri Coale's success rate at OU, who also ma
  3. They will not be playing 9-10 games. Each team will attempt to play eight games in eight weeks , leaving no wiggle room during the coronavirus pandemic before the Big Ten championship game on Dec. 19. Good luck with that kind of compressed schedule. I'll bet that there will be many cancellations, if the conference manages to finish the season at all!
  4. Well, Boulware managed to get a commitment from Jase McClellan, the 5 star RB, but couldn't keep him from flipping to Bama. Time will tell whether DM can recruit on that level or keep them until they're signed. I like the hire, am hopeful that he does as well as RB coach as Cale did for all of those years...
  5. Yeah, Bob Stoops was a great coach for OU, but his brother's return to OU essentially pushed Venables out and to Clemson. OUr D pretty well went into the toilet after Brent left. That, of course, is partly on Bob, he was the HFC.
  6. I'd have probably been rooting for Clemson, except I had to root for LSU. If Clemson had beaten LSU, they were a real threat to challenge OU's record 47 game win streak. Threat now non-existent.
  7. Yeah, I think that LSU caught a break on that offensive PI call
  8. Yep. As mentioned earlier, you can put a fork in Clemson. It'd probably take a miracle or a couple of turnovers to salvage this one.
  9. It'll be interesting to see if the shot to the ribs on Burrow affects him in the second half. First series was inconclusive, we'll see...
  10. Burrow really throws darts, doesn't he? 11 point LSU lead, now.
  11. I agree. The d back was already in motion to make the tackle, would have been very difficult to have avoided the contact.
  12. Now a tie game with the home run ball.
  13. You mean that she also sounds like she has been gargling ground glass?
  14. I have mixed feelings about the Big 12's round-robin schedule terminating in a playoff at the end of the season. OTOH, it kinda #### for the clear-cut winner of the conference to be put in the position of having to beat a team twice, as happened last year. If you beat a team once, that should be good enough. Of course, I realize the rationale of the whole thing: it's called MONEY and EXPOSURE to enhance the 12's chances to make the postseason. But on the OTHER hand, I also remember all too well how thrilled I was back in Big 8 days - 1978/79, when OU got a second shot at the Huske
  15. Not really trolling, but surprised that none of our Longhorn friends have commented, LOL...
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