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  1. Might have I wasn’t sure just knew it was cancelled
  2. Tell them to call Scott our JV game got cancelled because of injuries and I was told it was Queen City that cancelled if that’s true EF might need a JV game. Could be wrong though not sure which school actually cancelled.
  3. And with 1:00 to go EF gets a 1st down that should do it folks
  4. TD pass for DF to #15 and a successful 2pt it’s now 44-28 EF with 2:14 left
  5. Long run by #17 Swank for another EF TD it’s now 44-20 EF after the 2pt conversion and the DF fans are headed home with 3:32 to go ! Way to play Jackets awesome job of FINISHING THE FIGHT !!!
  6. Agreed we been pressuring all night and he can’t move like he normally does.
  7. Another sack of Lewis and it’s 4th and Longview
  8. DF putting Dee Lewis at QB but he is getting pressured and pass is incomplete
  9. Failed attempt it’s 36-20 EF with 8:50 left in game.
  10. And a long run by Goodnight where he broke at least 6 tackles and ran 60 yards for a Jacket TD it’s now 36-20 EF waiting on the 2pt attempt
  11. Nice stand by our Def and an interception by #17 Swank EF ball
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