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  1. I'm not sure he could beat out our great leader President Barack Obama.
  2. President of the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches!
  3. No, no no...playing keep away from the tiny children is classless too.
  4. We don't even keep score during our games...we just shake hands and sing kumbaya.
  5. Coach Wise isn't just a wise man by name. He is my hero! The players on the losing teams can learn a lot from this man...perhaps the ability to handle defeat. I think they have all done a good job of doing that. Most of the players on the other teams have greater struggles than getting beat in a basketball game. I guess...according to Sammyiam... they should be shooting up the gym following the games. Go Lions!
  6. The comment was about "competing with the Gilmers of the world." I am not from Gilmer...I was referring to the comment. I think when I was living in Bullard they had a female football player. Maybe they should get a few of the basketball players to play football since you're telling me those girls can not only compete with the "Gilmers of the world" but my oh my...actually beat Gilmer!
  7. I may have to eat those words or I will have to eat those words? It seems you're a little unsure. There are starving children all over the world that are hungry...that doesn't mean they will get to eat at the grown up table one day. Bullard has always had kids that work hard. Just not enough athletes to "compete with the Gilmers of the world." I don't doubt at all they will be better...but again...let's be a little more realistic.
  8. Made a huge difference. Installing a good weight and off season program, getting kids back in the program, instilling a new interest in the school. This is a good group of kids that deserve the chance to be all they can be, whatever that is. Let the past be the past, but this program has no where to go but up. This is a goldmine for a new coach with the right attitued. The Bullrd ISD is a great place and community. There is a new facility, and great fan support. Coming from SLC means nothing more than, He came from a great staff, from one of the best football programs in the nation over the past decade. He will bring the knowlege of how to run a program 12 months a year, and how to prepare a group of young men to at least compete with the Gilmers, and Chapel Hill, White Oaks of the world. I did say compete...... Given time to put his stamp on the program, and build it from the JV up.... and the right group of kids come along, coach will have the things in place to go to the next level. Im just glad its over... When the storm blew over the new scoreboard last season... a fan said " why even bother to put it back up." And that says it all. Go Panthers Go A gold mine? A great fan support? You said when the scoreboard blew over last season a fan said, "Why even bother to put it back up?" I wouldn't consider that "great fan support." Bullard will never be able to compete with "the Gilmers of the world." Building a program starts long before JV athletics. I have no doubts Bullard will be better, but let's be a little more realistic.
  9. Rick Reilly crying about Houston Yates. Maybe he has an undercover screen name on smoaky.com? http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/columns/sto...&id=4977305
  10. That's not the sun...it's Josh Finney's head!
  11. Yes, he will make a difference in Bullard...just not in the win column. The community will learn a lot and gain a valuable experience with Coach Wilson being the Athletic Director. Sometimes winning just isn't going to happen...that's not the worst thing in the world.
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