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  1. Gunter deserve the recognition and winning the State Championship.... Congrats to Gunter, they played with heart and fire..... Paul Pewitt okay Cinderella run to State came to a end yesterday, PP has to correct small mistakes next year if expect to compete with elite teams like Gunter.
  2. Gunter congrats on the win and Paul Pewitt I wasn't surprised y'all lost but okay season.
  3. TCU44 I want to come to your house..you must be drinking alot of spike Kool aid. Carthage 28 La Vega 16.
  4. I don't care to know....you have a great off season.
  5. My name is John, Scott. How's that who wears his feelings on his shoulder. Lord help this person to find peace...
  6. Wolfpack76, If you so interested in real names please be the first to do so and follow by example until year and happy holidays to you all.
  7. I'm impressed how SA kept it close....I know small mistakes can be the big difference in the outcome of a game. Great season guys and good luck Refugio. I'll eat Crow on the point spread.
  8. I hope SA wins believe it or not.....I'm with you and Wolfpack76 hoping they win......I hope I'm wrong and y'all are right. I will be proud to eat a 18 wheeler full of Crow if SA wins.
  9. I'm telling you it's the spike Kool aid that has them delusional in Central Texas....
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