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  1. Grand Saline runs a shotgun spread and a lot of zone read and a pretty dangerous passing game. Alba runs a straight single back/power I formation and runs a lot of double tight as well. Its skill positions (GS) vs power guys (AG).
  2. 35-0 GS Final per score stream. GS is 6-1 and undefeated in district.
  3. 10 years ago, this would not even be a question of who would win this game, even as GS was sliding down into mediocrity they were at least going to hang 50 plus on Alba. (with a few notable exceptions). Times have changed. Last year was really close I heard. Thoughts?
  4. I mean, what happened in Quitman? GS went through the same thing. They went 1-9 in 2012, 0-10 in 2013 and 2014. They lost 32 straight games before Ridge got his system kicked in and then you saw steady but sure improvement. Won a share of the District title in 2015, took some steps back in 16 and 17 being in Division I and being the smallest school in the district and then rebounded last year to go two rounds deep. Hope Quitman rebounds.
  5. Yeah, they beat Blue Ridge in the Bi-District Round and lost to Newton in the Area Round. The tie was against Palmer, they started the game and played it a full quarter but could barely finish the first quarter before the lightening came in followed by a monsoon and so they had to cancel the game with the score 0-0.
  6. Still one of the nastiest rivalries in East Texas. Throw out the records. Who do you all have?
  7. Grand Saline was 7-4-1 last year. Last I checked that is a winning record.
  8. And I know what bad football is and GS isn't it either.
  9. Grand Saline is 2-1 and averaging 41 points per game with a Sophomore QB. If that is Bad, you have a very unreasonable standard for Good.
  10. Indians get back into the win column. GS led SR 44-6 at the half. GS plays at Troup next week.
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