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  1. Two former Grand Saline standout quarterbacks, John Scott and Zane Taylor were both killed in separate auto accidents less than a week apart. Scott, 36, who quarterbacked the Indians from 2000-2001 where he was all district and all-state baseball player, and play college baseball for Texas Wesleyan University, passed away when he was struck by an 18 wheeler while headed northbound on FM 14 north of Tyler. Scott's funeral was at Main Street Baptist Church in Grand Saline last week. Taylor, 19, who quarterbacked the Indians in 2018 to a 7-4 record and a trip to the Area Finals where
  2. Call me old fashioned, but if I was Mike Gundy, I would have cut Chuba Hubbard faster than you can say "Go Pokes" and given him his transfer papers to wherever he wants to go. Then I would have held a press conference leaving no doubt as to who runs Oklahoma State football. Not some barely legal kid who has the audacity to try to "hold me accountable" for the t-shirts I wear or the networks I choose to watch on my private time fishing and relaxing , but ME. I am the coach, and he is not. I would have also told the public that this kind of garbage, letting cry baby kids run the show by acting l
  3. What are you talking about? The Mustangs have never lost a game!
  4. Quitman is probably going to a tough one just going off what I have seen. The only thing they have going for them is that they have some periods of winning tradition. However, the facilities are old and are in dire need of repair, the school has been shrinking in size, and Quitman is not in a growing area where people are going to move to, it is one of those "established" small towns. Quitman can win though, just going to take some time.
  5. They have had a Black Assistant coach for nearly 5 years. Helps with Basketball too. Nobody has said a word about that and all the Students liked him. GS is not as bad as people think.
  6. 85 applicants according to a school board member, looking to hire just after January.
  7. Ridge was not fired. He resigned. Per a very reliable source, GS is having some big time internal problems. That is all I will say or care to say. Too bad, things seemed to be looking up for GS.
  8. No, GS was never "whooped easy" by Winona. Even in the bad years, GS gave you guys a fight. Heck, a 1-9 GS team in 2011 rolled you guys and the GS QB was named Ford Built Tough Player of the Week and set the school record for passing yards in a game!
  9. Even though I graduated from GS, I don't really keep up with them but I do have friends from HS that still live in town. My Facebook feed was blowing about 2 weeks ago up with "this stupid town" and "someone is trying to kill our tradition again." Usually, coaches get fired due to lack of winning. Ridge took over a dumpster fire of a program that had lost it's identity. He endured two awful seasons in 13 and 14, where at one point, he was having to start the BACKUP JV QUARTERBACK because injuries were so bad. Then, he had a decent year where he went to the playoffs and won a
  10. Grand Saline runs a shotgun spread and a lot of zone read and a pretty dangerous passing game. Alba runs a straight single back/power I formation and runs a lot of double tight as well. Its skill positions (GS) vs power guys (AG).
  11. 35-0 GS Final per score stream. GS is 6-1 and undefeated in district.
  12. 10 years ago, this would not even be a question of who would win this game, even as GS was sliding down into mediocrity they were at least going to hang 50 plus on Alba. (with a few notable exceptions). Times have changed. Last year was really close I heard. Thoughts?
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