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  1. wtlobos

    2019 AL West Poll

    The West isn’t that strong. I think I said 75-78 wins but 70-73 wins is more realistic. We shall see.
  2. wtlobos

    Harper Signs deal with the Phils

    Maybe the Phils will have room under the luxury tax to rebuild around him and win a ring or two.
  3. wtlobos

    Harper Signs deal with the Phils

    Maybe Trout will sign there in the future? 🤷♂ Seems like he could have had a better deal. Shorter term and more annual value then sign another huge deal in his early 30’s. Guess not.
  4. Really shocked about this one. He must really love Philly
  5. wtlobos

    2019 AL West Poll

    It’s the Astro’s to lose. They win at least 90. Rangers will be around 75 wins this year maybe like 78.
  6. No way he doesn’t opt out after the fifth year. He’ll be 31? He’ll sign with some other team for another 300-400 mil.
  7. Everyday it’s Phillies this or Padres that. White Sox, Cardinals, Yankees, Nats...hurry up and sign already. Sheesh.
  8. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Kelley is a good pick up for the bullpen. Can’t complain with with a sub 3 era. Don't know how I feel about retiring Beltre’s number. It seems a bit rushed.
  9. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Miller is a good signing if he's healthy. Minor, Lynn, Miller not a bad rotation at all. At least it will give the impression of being able to compete this season.
  10. wtlobos

    Most Supported MLB Team By State

    Astros most popular in Alaska. Interesting.
  11. I was in tears after the game. My grandfather was a diehard lobo fan for 70+ years and unfortunately didn't get to see them win one again. Well, he's in heaven cheering for these boys right now.
  12. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Interesting trade...
  13. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    I agree. Minor isn't a long term solution anyway. Even Lynn, they could flip him at the deadline or next off season if he has a good year.
  14. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    It's a compensation pick so maybe that's why?