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  1. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Miller is a good signing if he's healthy. Minor, Lynn, Miller not a bad rotation at all. At least it will give the impression of being able to compete this season.
  2. wtlobos

    Most Supported MLB Team By State

    Astros most popular in Alaska. Interesting.
  3. I was in tears after the game. My grandfather was a diehard lobo fan for 70+ years and unfortunately didn't get to see them win one again. Well, he's in heaven cheering for these boys right now.
  4. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Interesting trade...
  5. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    I agree. Minor isn't a long term solution anyway. Even Lynn, they could flip him at the deadline or next off season if he has a good year.
  6. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    It's a compensation pick so maybe that's why?
  7. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Put me on the Rangers payroll because I called it. Lance Lynn agrees to a 3 yr deal with the Rangers today.
  8. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Those guys are veteran arms in the vein of Cashner and Minor I suppose. About 30-32. They would be solid(ish) starters to fill out the rotation at worst. I feel like they should go get a big bullpen arm though. Maybe not Kimbrell obviously but there's guys out there.
  9. wtlobos

    Rangers Offseason

    Anybody see JD making a play for Matt Harvey? Or Lance Lynn?
  10. Here's my thoughts, this might have been stated, I just skimmed through it... Okay, our "great" government has preached about having a separation of church and state. Politicians will say gay marriage destroys the sanctity of marriage. Well, if you have a separation of church and state, the government should have no say in the matter. If a clergyman wants to marry a same sex couple that's on them. Here's another point on it ruining the sanctity of holy matrimony. You know what else ruins marriage? Divorce. The government hands those out left and right every day. Now, I don't agree with gay marriage, but if our government wants nothing to do with religion, then they should keep it that way. Either have religion in government, or not. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
  11. wtlobos

    The Bible Miniseries on History Channel

    I turned the channel when I saw the angel ninjas slicing and dicing the Sodomites. I'm not going to continue with the series.
  12. wtlobos

    Conservatives vs. Liberals

    I think it's Wrong vs. More Wrong
  13. wtlobos

    How Hemp Became Illegal: The Marijuana Link

    It's a restaurant. For the record, we don't hold that against them per se. It's the ones that have theft and burglary crimes to go with it. No offense, I don't want a habitual thief handling money for me.